Try To Go For Walk In July

I took my old dog for walk
Hopefully we would get around block
She heard a noise; her ears perked
It was popping of fireworks

She decided to take to flight
Cause that noise was not right
She turn around like speed of light
No prompting I turned around to her need

We ran back on sidewalk
Back to her favorite room
I had to forget about her walk
As she wanted to hide in bathroom

For today was Fourth of July
She would pace around and cry
This day for her always spelled out doom
Especially when she would hear the big boom

April 3rd prompt from this site

I Love You More [Revision]

I love you more than stars of night.
Which shine their radiance with their light.
To where they sit upon the sky
To watch over you and I.

I love you more than sweet music of harps.
Which softly play with many sharps.
To where they play among the stage
So I can hear you sing all day.

I love you more than rain like showers
That pour their drops over all the flowers.
To where they fall from up above
I will see you safe and dry.

I love you more than flowers of blooming spring.
Which blossom their petals with what they bring.
To where they open their flowering sight
Of what I have seen our future is bright.

I love you more than the bright golden moon
Which only shows its beam at six to soon.
To where I will wait for you to arrive
To tell you what you’ve waited to hear.

I love you more than all my heart.
That had me beating it from the start.
To where I am now about to tell
That you are the one and I know it well.

Chelsey Liked Chasing Deer

Chelsey liked to chased wild animals
Her focus would never waver
But deer were what she favor
For they would catch her eye
She would hunker down low
On silent paws she would move slow
Trying not draw attention
As she inch as close as she could get
That would be until the deer sees the threat
Chase would be on as she lunged forward
Me on other end trying not to stumble
As she lets off a huff and a grumble
Trying her best to keep pace
Until she finally gives up the race

Dog Wrote Another Poem

I found this poem hiding in Chelsey’s notes. I have posted it here.

Woof, Woof, I am writing again.
A poem that’s short and will rhyme.
Bark out my words on the dime.
I’ll try to write with this pen.
Aroooo, this is too much,
Rhyming is to hard for me.
Hold on I might have a flea.
I scratch my fur as such.
Ah, all is good I continue to write.
Woof, bark I am tired.
I am glad I have an owner I admired.
To write poems that excite.

Haunted House

Step into the haunted house if you dare.
Are you ready for a big scare.
Darkness enfolds as you head down hall.
Out pops a hand trying to make you fall.
Screams are heard up ahead.
You hope they will not end up dead.
Your group huddles closer as you go in deeper.
Up ahead there is a frightening jailer keeper.
Zombies pop out around a corner.
A light flicks; chainsaw starts to roar; oh the horror.
Almost to the end; you see the light.
But, a scary clown is giving you a fright.
You made to end; you catch your breath at last.
Your friends and you had a scary good blast.

World To Our Children

World is moving to fast
Not like it was in distant past
Maybe it’s because the world may not last

For what future will we warrant
Our children to find in this torrent
World should find what is important

We must have our children save what’s left
Keep world’s secrets in their breast
Shed the harsh realities which infest

Maybe they will bring the peace that is needed
To heal a broken world from being wicked
Hope is they don’t leave the world untreated

April 22nd prompt: Write a poem with at least three stanzas. Each stanza should have three lines, and all the end words of the stanza should rhyme or slant rhyme (for example: few/two/woo, warrant/torrent/abhorrent, storage/shortage/mortgage). If you need help with rhyming, try the online tool the Rhyme Brain.