Passing By With Rain [Response Letter From The Cloud]

What joy fills my heart to know the rains I carry quench your banks
When I stop by loaded, brimming fat with rain to pour down somewhere
I chose to stop by you, river, for I enjoy seeing your twinkling water
And the gushing it makes when I pour the rain down upon you
Sometimes I pour too much and your banks overflow,
I am sorry to give you too much sometimes
But I must relieve the tension from inside of me
For when I fill with rain I can become moody
I know I have traveled far and wide, from one side to the other
I have seen many things that you can only dream about
But somethings I have seen which makes my heart break
Like landscapes once filled with forests and rivers which have disappear forever
Under the human machines which run rampant across the land
But let us not dwell upon such sad and miserable tales
I will tell you of other adventures that you so crave
You are lucky to be here my friend, for you are far remove from the rest
Be content to stay your coursing banks and wrap around the hills
You make me laugh whenever I come by, whether I am white or gray
I am glad the air can take some of your water,
Evaporate it and let me suck into my cushion storage for another water source to use
I enjoy following your winding course as I say good bye
Until we met again here is a little rain water from a passing friend

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River Washes Away The Dirt And Grime

River washes away the dirt and grime
Never ceasing, constant cleaning to do
So we can see clean water every time

Day and night, river cleaning on a dime
Sparkling for nature so we can see through
River washes away the dirt and grime

Every inch is covered with dirt and slime
But the river will always make it through
So we can see clean water every time

River cleans from the morning through bedtime
Never stopping, has too much work to do
River washes away the dirt and grime

Every year river washes a longtime
Spraying cold water, washing rocks of goo
So we can see clean water every time

River wants to be clean for a lifetime
For all to enjoy and even for you
River washes away the dirt and grime
So we can see clean water every time

Water Haikus

Cold water splashes
Among jagged rocks below
With violent force

Upon the sea crest
Ocean rolls through silently
into the dark night

River winding through
Leads to many unknown paths
Rich with potential

The Waves burst on through
Gaining onward to the shore
With cold giant force

Rain washes on down
Running through the crevices
Towards wide oceans

Letter To Cloud From A River

I thank you for the rain you send;
For some time later it will finally end.
You will move beyond my banks;
Now filled with water from your rain.
I miss your hovering from above;
But the rains you send down with love.
You wander far and wide;
Across far oceans and lands unknown.
I can only wrap around the gentle hills
To nearby lake that closely lies
Is where my adventure ends.
I know you come back;
To soak my energy which will bring the rains.
I see you now from a distance off;
Knowing the sky which follows;
Will send you my cloud,
To fill my banks once more.

Traveling Down The River

Traveling down in a boat on the river wide
I met an old man sitting, fishing on the riverbank
Looking for a fish, I hope he would find.
He saw me, waved me near
And I rowed near to hear his words.
“Young feller if you continue down this way,
You will find a round the bend
No fish for you to catch.”
Reply I, “I don’t plan on catching any fish today.
Hope to find a peacefully place to watch
Nature’s beauty at its best work.”
“Well, I see than you will find
Around the bend a spot for to watch and stand.
You’ll see an old oak tree standing tall along the bank.
That will be the best place to make your watch.”
I thanked him well and wished him luck
I headed to the bend to find the tree he said.
I rowed and rowed
Saw the bend and made it around to see what was in hand.
I saw the old ancient tall oak
Made my stop before the day went away.
I climbed upon the bank,
Took my spot beneath the oak
And looked down the hill
As the orange, red sun begin to end its day.