Single Red Rose

A single red rose in a garden bare
I will not touch for thorns are there
They prick your hand with one touch
Even if they don’t say much
Rose whispers through the wind
“You will pick me in the end”
I walk on pass for I know what’s true
To pick the rose could be death of you

Pluck A Petal From A Rose I Took

Do you love me or no you don’t;
Pluck a petal from a rose I took
From the rose garden that was near
To pluck as I walk towards your door.
You are sweet as honey are you not;
Pluck another petal from a rose I took
Slowly walking down the lane
To call on you I hope your in.
Are you the one who will be my bride;
Pluck a petal from the rose I took
I plucked another to give to you
That one will serve me true
For I have fasten the ring to bear
To ask the question I finally dare
Last petal I pluck from a rose I took
I have reached your door to knock upon
Discard the rose with no petals abound
Find the second rose with ring still on
I knock twice and wait to hear
Footsteps within come, as I wait
Open door you see me and smile
I present my pluck rose I took
From the rose garden that was near
I ask the question that I dare,
Do you love me; would you be my bride?