Routine Before Sleep

The day is folding into darkness
Lights extinguish to dark rooms
All but one remains near bed
Outside door locked tight against the night
One final door shut to let me sleep tonight
Into bed I hide under sheets
Almost wrapped tightly in cocoon
Arm reaches to turn off last light
Now all in darkness as I sleep a goodnight


At Top Of Stairs

Open door, she prances at top of stairs
Her mouth open, she turns her head side to side
Tail wags back and forth
She goes down few stairs, then back up
She want me to do something
I don’t know what it is
She has been waiting nine hours for my return
I make my way up stairs
Ask her if she is hungry
I ask her, do you need to outside
Her tail wags in response
She moves head side to side
Those are the things she wants
It is the same routine during the work week
When I walk through the door from work