Just Seven More Days

Just seven more days till Christmas
Just seven more days indeed
Santa will come through on his sleigh
Pulling his eight flying reindeer
He’ll come down the chimney
Then fast as can be presents
Will be placed under the tree
My stocking will flow with tiny gifts
Hope it stays on its hook and not break
I’ll be fast asleep upstairs
While Santa moves like a mouse down below
I’ll dream of a winter fairyland
And dance with a sugar plum fairy
Then feel the warmth of sun rays
Morning has come shining through
Jump out of bed with great excitement
Wake parents and run around
Time to go down and see
What Santa has left for us

Don’t Want To See Santa

We get into the car
Where we go I do not know
My owner drives somewhere
He told me something I don’t know
Car finally stops at last
I am taken out to where I don’t know
The smell I know now where
Don’t want to go inside
I shake, I stop, don’t leave me here
Coaxed in we go and wait
I cry, hide, and want to be removed from place
You talk with people, I get a treat
Then we are taken to a seat
Door opens after a while
Name is called we go in
Nervous and scared I go
I hide as I follow
A man in white beard and red suit
Sits on a bench waiting
No I don’t want to go near
I am scared and want to go home
Food is waved in front of snout
Love food I’ll take a bite
Inch by inch I move closer
Then you pick me up onto bench
Bearded man has me now
You say look at me and smile
I roll my eyes nervously
A treat in front you dangle
Snap a camera goes off
Then again and again
I finally give you humans a smile
That’s it the final one
I’m off the bench, lets go
I don’t like getting pictures done with Santa.
I’m scared of him, let’s go home now.

At The North Pole

Days are winding down up at the North Pole.
Elves are finishing building toys.
Santa is checking his list again.
Making sure who is naughty or nice.
The reindeer are getting ready
They are anxious as can be.
The sleigh has been waxed and shining
For the big day is almost here.
The presents are placed in the sack
For we know who will be carrying it on their back.
All is busy at the North Pole
For Christmas Eve is almost here.