To My Eleven Year Self

I’m your adult self many years from now
There are some things I wish you knew then
Things in life are going to get tough
Loss of your best friend, the family dog,
Will be diffult for you to express your feelings
Try to talk about with your family
There will be other losses too
Some close to home; others just relatives
I know it going to be hard
Just try to be open
Don’t bottle up your emotions
They will eventually spill over
Causing more trouble then its worth
Don’t be so hard on yourself
You must try not to close your book
And my younger self;
Don’t try to be perfect at everything;
Its OK to make mistakes
Sometimes you learn more from failure
And keep up with the creative brain of yours
Its the best outlet to de-stress
And best medicine to get lost in
So, enjoy it while you can
Cause I love my creativity
Which can save you in the end

April 19th Prompt: Write an epistolary poem (a poem in the form of a letter) to your younger self, at a very particular age, tell yourself something you wish you had known then..

Photographer And The Indecisive Home-Body

I am a photographer
Taking photos of
What I see though the lens
Expressing myself with a click.

You are the indecisive home-body
Staying at home unable
To decide what to do
Throughout your day.

But, I can decide
What photos I want to take
I have the power to make
Beautiful photos come to life.

You take same photos as others;
Were is the difference in
What you see when you click the button?

Of course some photos maybe similar
But, I always find one that
Is different than others;
I bring my own expression to the surface.

You don’t enjoy going outside
To unknown places and away from home
Where many people might hang out.

I learn more about taking photos through online tutorials,
I bring my courage to venture out
I take more photos to learn
To produce more compelling shots
That will inspire and define my style.

April 7 prompt from this site

First Photo

Short black wet hair which in few week may fall out
Eyes closed, perhaps only squinting
Chubby baby cheeks where in a few years later
Will have for a short time again because of a jaw operation
To fix what can not be seen in photo, an overbite
Covered snugly in clothes for warmth
Laying in an 80s baby car seat carrier
Who doesn’t know what the world would hold for them

April 22nd poem: Retrieve from files or from your memory the first photo that was ever taken of you. Describe yourself then, both what you see and what you do not see there.

Where Does Life

Where does life go from here?
To what unknown I do not know.
For a future I cannot see clear;
Clouded with fog;
Black as emptiness is all I see.
What is the next step from here?
For a door has blocked my way.
It will not budge;
Locked tight as can be
I wish I could find the key.
For than perhaps I will see;
The way of the future;
What life I will finally know.

In A World

Who am I in a world among many?
I am one single entity among thousands
Traveling down my own path;
To my own destiny;
Which will unravel as time goes by;
To what I cannot see through
Murky waters that hide my future.
Upon this path I will travel
Those waters will part
To let me past through
Another leg of my journey
I hope to find the path of life
That will complete who I am to be.