Dog Celebrity

I am dog celebrity.
I’m not famous.
Oh no, I am not.
But people stop
To admire me
Any where I go.
Just today
I was in TJ Maxx
People came up to me.
Told my human how cute I was
Asked questions about me;
Petted me;
Told me how fluffy and sweet I was.
I got a picture taken with a boy.
I feel like some Hollywood star.
But I’m just an every day dog
With an interesting story to tell.

Kana and a boy


You came through door
I was in a stand-up cage pen
I looked out as you sat down
You looked at different Shiba
I put snout between bars
I pawed the slim opening
I wanted to get out and meet you
You looked over
You laughed
At what I was trying to do
Rescuer let us other Shibas out
I came up; say hi with a lick
Then I walked around
Came back; placed front paws on you
You pet me it was great
Even though you looked at other Shiba
Then you left; didn’t know if you would come back

Weeks went by
Until you come back through door
A collar and leash in hand
You took me to be foster
I was nervous in new environment
Gradually I relaxed
I was happy to be away
Now I have new home
Away from five year being puppy mill momma
Now I can live my life
In comforter in my new home
Now that I am finally adopted