About SHIBA Letters

The S is for the curly tail
Sitting over the rump
The H is four paws
Padding away from you
The I is fiercely independent
In showing who is the boss
The B is bringing their big attitude
When they don’t like something
As they let out their Shiba scream
The A is staring into their eyes
And lavishing how adorable
They are to get approval from
Their intense eyes staring at you

April 23th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Dinner And A Water Bowl

Come back from walk
I go into kitchen to wait.
I wait and wait;
Human does not come in.
I come out of kitchen
I give human the look.
Please, feed the Shiba now!
Human shakes their head.
It’s not time to eat dinner.
Another two hours
They say until I eat.
I go back into kitchen.
Take water bowl from its place.
I spill water lifting it splashing
Everywhere in kitchen.
With bowl in mouth
I take back out to living room
To begin playing with it.
Showing you that I am hungry now.

My Shiba’s Bandana Wardrobe

My Shiba has wardrobe
A wardrobe of bandanas
Hung on six pant hangers
Four arms can open up
Slip small shower curtain ring clips through arms
To hold them all in place
I stopped counting bandanas
She has so many of them
There holiday themes, colors, words just to name a few
Every few days she switches out for new one
She wants to be a well dress Shiba everywhere she goes

Dog Celebrity

I am dog celebrity.
I’m not famous.
Oh no, I am not.
But people stop
To admire me
Any where I go.
Just today
I was in TJ Maxx
People came up to me.
Told my human how cute I was
Asked questions about me;
Petted me;
Told me how fluffy and sweet I was.
I got a picture taken with a boy.
I feel like some Hollywood star.
But I’m just an every day dog
With an interesting story to tell.

Kana and a boy