Shopping At Pet Friendly Store

I walk into store
You lift me up,
I’m place in a box.
It rolls forward.
What weird box it is this?
You say it is cart.
You stop at objects,
You check them out careful.
I do not understand this.
Why are you placing in cart?
We go around,
Until you are done.
We stand behind people.
We wait out turn.
You place objects on counter.
You pull out card and pay.
We leave you rolling me out door.
This wasn’t bad,
Can we come back sometime again.

Kana shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Black Friday

Rise from sleep its four in the morning
Get ready to do the Black Friday shopping
Into the car to go to the store
To catch those Black Friday deals
Wait in lines that are mile long
Getting what’s needed for presents
That will be wrapped under a tree
Waiting for Christmas morning
Tried maybe from long day shopping
It Black Friday crazy day of the year.