Singing Snowflakes [Revision]

A solo snowflake makes its entrance in the sky.
Gliding down to cold ground below.
Then a duet of snowflakes makes the fall,
One alternating their falling lines below.
Quartet of falling snowflakes descends in great harmony,
As they play their winter chords aloud.
They beckon the final act to start;
And a chorus of snowflakes flutter down;
Their grand symphony for everyone to see.
Gracing their final showing,
Striding to put on their best show.
Showing their falling mystical beauty
For tonight is the finally concert of the season.

Flowers Sing Of Spring

The cows lay lazy in the house
Pulled with sleep
Wrapped around sheets
The cool air outside
The birds chirps
Sounding on trumpets
To welcome spring through open doors
Buds busting forth
Flowers unfurl their state flags
They begin to sing in rapturous chorus
Black music notes on bars come out
As they sway their petal arms in the air
I watch behind a window enthralled
At their beauty thinking only of when time comes
I will pluck them for a bouquet for my one true love

April 21st prompt from this site

Music Comes

Distant words rumble along
Hoping to reach into strumming song
Flying fingers reach through strings
Adding notes with words that ring
Song fills empty air; everyone turns to stare
Now room is not so bare
Clapping to the beat
Everyone thinks music is sweet
Like melting chocolate in the mouth
They cup their hands and shout for more

Willow Tree

Through a trail that twists and turns
A running brook I passed along there
Glistening sparkling shimmering
With shining watery stars
I saw the willow tree standing there
Willow tree sings a song of gently waving hands
Its branches waving back and forth
To the music of every note that’s played
Among the reeds and gentle breezes of the wind
I paused to listen to nature’s symphony
As more joined in within every measure
Then a solo of the willow tree emerges
Sweet and sweeping with emotion
It seems to billow out its chords
Full of life it tells through song
Then the rest join in to finish the song


A hummingbird flies in the air
Landing with gentle wings
Upon the branch near my window.

Softly I heard it begin to hum
Tune as sweet as honey
With tones soothing to the ears.

Hummingbird twitters and hum
The song so sweet and nice
I join in humming a harmony.

Music continues to playing
With a gentle last note
Hummingbird bows and flies away.