Cloud Sail Across

I look out seeing clouds sail across endless sea of blue
Calmly floating by white sails whisping in the breeze
Sea clear not a ripple as clouds move by
No dark storms on horizon, just blue and white
Big and small clouds make their entrance
Then slowly sail away to where I don’t know

She Comes A Flight

From distant lands she comes a flight
On eagles wings perched high
Her golden hair like rays shine bright
Eyes of sea blue catch the light
Where she comes I do not know
Upon eagle wings she fly on
Scouring for what I do not know
Over lands that stretch far and wide
She searches throughout the sky
Some kingdom hidden among clouds
So soft and billowing are the walls
She is a warrior with her bird
Flying high above the skies
Seeking entrance to kingdom in the sky.

No Moon

Driving home in the darken night
Rain clouds cover the distant horizon;
No beams of moonlight shine
For the moon is hidden from sight.

As I drive cloudy skies give way
To a small opening not wide;
But wide enough to see through;
Could it be the moon I say.

For tonight is a new moon
With bright shining beams;
Which one can sink under its glow
For there is plenty of room.

Alas, no moon presents itself tonight
For the clouds mix into the sky;
Dreary, windy for a storm is coming
On to the horizon this very night.

April 28th prompt. Write a poem about the moon, based on a moon viewing.

White Desert In The Sky

Stretch out for many miles from above
Reaches the white desert in the sky.
Fluffy white caps like snow
Is the desert in the sky I see.
Its sands like puffy cotton balls
Strung out far and wide
Like a bridge with many beds;
Look to comfy to sleep upon the open sky.
I watch across the white desert in the sky;
Out of the window as I fly by.
See it stretch for many miles wide
As its looks like the sea touching the sky.

I Run Fast

I run fast
I run faster like a deer
I leap high
I leap higher into the air
I begin to swim upwards to the sky
I am swimming in the sky, passing white clouds as I swim by
I turn on my back
I am on my back doing a backstroke in the sky
I am relax
I am very relaxed swimming in the sky
I am swimming in the sky seeing everything as I swim on by
I am floating
I am floating by, high in the blue sky
I feel ripples
I feel many ripples like there is water in the sky
I begin to descend
I am descending down to the ground
I open my eyes
I open my eyes from a dream of flying high in the sky.