Why Do You Sleep So Much

Why do you sleep so much dog?
Every time I see you are quiet
Lying on your side, eye closed
Either in middle of room
Or curled up on your bed.
You don’t do much;
Except for few burst of energy
To play, to run or to go for a walk.
Your other activities like window watching
They don’t require too much energy from you.
Is it because you are bored with nothing to do.
I wonder why you sleep so much,
I was going to ask but you have dozed off.

Slumbering Sleep Is Over

Slumbering sleep is over
Spring has come gathering her flowers
Bears awake from call of spring
To forage for food for empty bellies
Another spring to fatten up
Before winter calls a long nap
Bears trod on through forests, glades
Looking for food to pack away;
To become a stuffed bear
And then slumber again
For winter has come back calling

Let Me Dream

Let me dream tonight of distant cities
Let me dream of adventures big or small
Will I dance I upon the clouds
Will I dance with fairies around the great oak
What will I dream tonight, I do not know
Will my dreams be present, past or furture
Or will they come like book of unknown characters
What will I dream in dreamland tonight
I won’t know until I’m deep with sleep