Where’s Your Smiling Face [Revision]

Where’s your smiling face?
I saw it greet me every day.
From your bed your smiling face was there
Saying good morning let’s get going.
You would thump your tail in morning greeting;
After you would stretch and yawn.
Your smile would send me off as I went to work.
Return I would open door; you standing on stair landing;
Your tail wagging, smiling down at me.
You would smile when photos were taken;
Such a model and a natural.
When you raced around; you’d stopped and smile;
Then continue on with your zooming run.
How I miss your gorgeous smile of yours
Which you brighten up my life.

A Smile

Her first by phone she wouldn’t have a smile.
Her stoic face showed shy, nervous dog. A smile
I would try to coax her. Through loving patience she emerged to find a smile.
Many years I would take her picture and say give me a smile.
Camera would come out with treats in hand; she would give a smile.
Even with no camera she would give a smile.
When I would come home; she would be waiting with a smile.
No more coaxing is came naturally; she had a smile.
No shy, scare dog who came from shelter. A smile
now would hang upon her face. She radiated in a smile
I would take with me until she passed. For a smile
would be her remembering mark as I know she looks down with a smile.

Where’s Your Smiling Face

Where’s your smiling face which greeted me everyday?
Where you said good morning from your bed
I would see you stretch and yawn; thump your tail in morning greeting.
Saw your smile as I went off to work
Then work on kong getting treats out.
I return; door open you standing on landing wagging tail, smiling down at me;
I would come up to greet you.
You would smile when photos were taken; such a model you were a natural.
Or when you did your zoomies; you stopped and smiling; then continue on with the run.
Oh, how I miss that gorgeous smile which you always made me happy with it.

Your Smile

Your smile I still see in front of me.
That big grin so soft and gentle.

Always a smile on your face
With a twinkle in your eye.

You enjoyed my seeing you
As I was only a young child.

What a joy was I in your life,
Even though I knew you, to short it was to be.

That big smiling grin will still with me forever.
Even now I think you are still smiling from up above.

Every time I smile, Grandpa
I will remember it was your smile that helped me make mine.