Dog Sniffing Around

Dog walking around.
Head down. Sniff, sniff.
Smells fill the snout.
More snuffles into grass.
She categorizes her smells.
This one a new dog in neighborhood.
Oh and this is my friend, Toffee.
And here is the lingering smell of squirrel.
Sigh, he gone now and can’t be chased.
Here is the dog that growls at me all the time.
She lifts her snout.
Sniffs the air. There is a dog near.
Who could it be?
She moves forward. I follow.
To see who is up ahead.


5 Sniffing Eating Haikus

Here are haikus from what my dog would write.

Sniff the carpeted floors;
Sniff some more than lick and lick
Until floor is clean

Wander to kitchen
Sniff floors for food particles
But none are found, darn

Sniff, sniff I smell food
Wander to kitchen for snack
But to far to reach

Oh, food why so high
I need some way to reach you
These front paws won’t do

Saw English muffins
On countertop; grabbed the bag
now in my tummy