Knowing I Am Warm

I lie in bed wrapped like a pig in a blanket
Snuggle deep within the warmth
All sides air tight to keep me warm
Against a snow storm raging outside
Flinging cold, icy snowflakes all around
Making it hard to see what is out there
But knowing I am warm, comfy
Inside under heaps of blankets

In The Cold Night Air

Winter wisp wings flutter
Snowflakes through the air
Swirling, twirling, dancing
In the cold night air.

Falling fast finding ground
Snowflakes abound all around
Swirling, twirling, dancing
In the cold night air.

Nestle now near the ground
Snowflakes rest till winter morning
Sleeping, keeping together
In the cold night air.

Through The Nighttime Sky

Full moon rises high
Stars twinkle all around
Wind slightly blowing
Snowflakes are seen flying;
Through the nighttime sky.
Quite it may be
But in an instant I see
Through my window;
Above the high trees
A sleigh with a man
Driving fast as can be
With eight reindeer
Flying through the windy breeze.
I blink twice to make sure
That what I see in the night sky
Was Santa Claus driving his sleigh
With the full moon behind him
And the stars twinkling all around
With the snowflakes flying
Through the nighttime sky.