No Snowman

There is no snow to make a snowman
To add three circles large, medium and small.
No snow to pack against the circles
So they stick together; not to roll off.
There is no snow to make a snowman
Won’t be able to add carrot for nose
And black coals for eyes.
No black buttons to add on chest;
No sticks to stick in his side
No hat, scarf or pipe to make snowman come alive.
There is no snow to make a snowman
Even though it’s December.
Hopefully there will be snow
At beginning of this coming year.


Alone I stand out in the cold
Just me standing in the snow
All alone in the cold outside.
I cannot move
For my lower half is a ball of snow.
My arms I cannot move
For they are wooden sticks.
My mouth is a smile of black pebbles
And my nose is an orange carrot to the point.
Around my round head
A scarf warps around and flies in the wind.
Upon my head there lays an old worn out hat
To hide my icy white bald head.
I stare out to the street all day
Motionless, cannot move,
Only stare out as passenger pass on by.
I am a snowman who stays for a short time
But, enjoy I do seeing the winter fests go on
Until I melt and see it again the following year.