In their uniform of faded blue.
They sit hunched over waiting,
By the fire waiting for the call.
The call to arms is what they wait.
Waiting to march into battle,
Not knowing when their time to die may come.
They wait by the fire feeling its warmth for a while.
Talking with comrades and writing letters home.
Trying not to think of times ahead.
Soldiers in their uniform of faded blue
Sit waiting, waiting to go into battle.
Not knowing when their time to die may come.

A Soldier’s Wife Love

I send my love across the hill,
To where ever you are marching.
Night and day I pray my love,
That God will bring you safely home.
For this war that rages on,
Between our fathers and sons,
Is cruel and broken.
I hope when this war ends my love,
That I will see you again.
My love will be with you,
And guard you all day long.
Even on the battlefield,
My love will be with you.
The letter I send with love,
Will be in your breast pocket soon.
Please write my love often
For I miss your love to much.
Across the hill;
I will wait—
Hoping to see you march home.