I Wrote A Poem

I wrote a poem and a wolf took off with it in his mouth.

He ran quickly through trees and across clear river as I tried to catch him.

Up over hill moon shone it’s golden orb.

I stopped upon the hill crest and looked below.

Around fallen logs a wolf pack gathered waiting for their leader.

He came to a stop around them and gently placed my poem upon the ground.

He nudged the creases out and with elderly wise eyes read what I wrote.

He finished; tipped his head and responsed to my poem.

His wordless howling song tugged at me for I had written about love of nature.

He finished his song and looked up to where I was on hill.

He gently took my poem and raced back up the hill.

He stopped inches to where I was and bowed his head towards me.

I nodded to him taking my poem and clutched against my chest.

He turned around and raced back down to his wolf pack.

I stayed the evening and listened to them sing their leader’s song.

It was sweet to my ears to know they loved my poem.

Hunting Song of the Wolf

The alpha wolf howls a note
“Come gather my pack, for tonight we hunt”
They gather around their leader
Even pups come out to join
He lifts his head again
Howls the start of the hunting song
Mournful, sorrowful howl
For the prey they will bring down
Rest of adults join in giving praise
For the prey they will bring down
Their notes intertwine as one singing choir
Thanking nature which they hope
Will give them a successful hunt
Last to join are pups to small to hunt
They try to match their pitch
Theirs are short coming in and going
Then hunting song is done
Now the hunt can begun
Off they go in the night
One last howl in the early moonlight

April 25th prompt: Write a poem on the song of a bird or the sound of any animal. If you need inspiration, listen at Animal Sound Recordings, where you will find, among others, the songs of the edible frog and the fire-bellied toad.

Gentle Music The Bird Sings

Gentle music the bird sings
While on branches he sways away;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

He sings joyous and flaps his wings
He might do it all day;
Gentle music the bird sings.

I heard singing from the springs
The bird sang louder all the way;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

All night long the bird sings
A tune that carried on the airways
Gentle music the bird sings.

He is very good singing these things
I wish, I could join him in song today;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

Music didn’t die on the wings
He kept it up the next day;
Gentle music the bird sings
A song so melodious is what he brings.

Music Comes

Distant words rumble along
Hoping to reach into strumming song
Flying fingers reach through strings
Adding notes with words that ring
Song fills empty air; everyone turns to stare
Now room is not so bare
Clapping to the beat
Everyone thinks music is sweet
Like melting chocolate in the mouth
They cup their hands and shout for more

Willow Tree

Through a trail that twists and turns
A running brook I passed along there
Glistening sparkling shimmering
With shining watery stars
I saw the willow tree standing there
Willow tree sings a song of gently waving hands
Its branches waving back and forth
To the music of every note that’s played
Among the reeds and gentle breezes of the wind
I paused to listen to nature’s symphony
As more joined in within every measure
Then a solo of the willow tree emerges
Sweet and sweeping with emotion
It seems to billow out its chords
Full of life it tells through song
Then the rest join in to finish the song


Dim the lights they are ready
Crowd is silent and waiting.
Upon the stage musicians sit
For the wand to start them playing.
Conductor waves and away they start:
Flutes, oboes, clarinet, piccolo, bells open;
As low instruments come in and out,
Like tubas, bassoon, bass clarinet,
euphonium, baritone saxophone, trombone;
Trumpets, cornet, french horns,
alto saxophone, tenor saxophone
weave in and out as they give their sound;
To play in time with help from
Snare drums, base drums, wood block, triangle,
keyboard, xylophone and to finish,
the song with the loud crash of the cymbal.

April 7th prompt: A list poem.


A hummingbird flies in the air
Landing with gentle wings
Upon the branch near my window.

Softly I heard it begin to hum
Tune as sweet as honey
With tones soothing to the ears.

Hummingbird twitters and hum
The song so sweet and nice
I join in humming a harmony.

Music continues to playing
With a gentle last note
Hummingbird bows and flies away.