Trying To Speak To You

I stare at my owner as they get ready for bed.
I follow in and out bathroom to bedroom.
I watch silently panting,
They don’t notice what know in bedroom.
But, I can’t speak to let them know.
They don’t hear or smell what I do.
They’re in bed, I come over to try.
They don’t understand me.
They say go to bed.
How can I, when there is something here.
I’ll wait until you are trying to sleep.
I will use my paws to paw your bed.
But, it’s no use.
Wish they make a device that allows me to speak to you.

I Speak

I speak through my eyes
That you see them shine.

I speak through my ears
That hear sounds before you.

I speak through my tail
That wags when I am happy.

I speak through my paws
That jump up and down.

I speak through my nose
That can smell for miles away.

I speak through my mouth
That draws your attention.

I speak through my body
That shows my fur so fair.

I speak through my heart
That shows how much a dog can care.