Stars Fell Upon The Earth

The stars fell upon the Earth
Heaps of stardust litter the ground
Where once were stars looking down in night sky
Now their dust glitter and shines like jewels
Sparkling on the night floor
Waiting for a child to come
Take a handful; make a wish
Blowing stardust back into sky
Where they brcome stars again


Would You Dance With Me Beneath The Stars?

Would you come dance with me beneath the stars?
We will tango around the moon;
Then swing dance from star to star;
As we waltz down the stardust trails;
Follow the stars as they line kick as one
Then tap dance beneath their lights
As we samba our way home
With the moon applauding for an encore.

Plucking Stars

I pluck the stars from the night sky
They twinkle bright upon my open hand
They feel like stardust so refine
I close my hand and bring them to you
So you could wish upon a star
In your little hand I give you
A fist of stars from the night
You make your wish; then fling them back
Your wish you finally make
Now the stars will give you
What you wished tonight

5 Star Haikus

Stars in night glitter
Brightly as they are nothing
But specks in the sky.

Evening night brings out
Tiny, bright shining stars to
Dot the empty sky.

Wish on falling star
Streaking silently through night
As it falls to ground.

What fills stars to shine
Brightly in black skies of night
Even thou they are small.

Stars shine their love down
In beams of twinkling light
Are they deceased ones?

Dearest Child

Dearest child of my heart
I wish I could give you all I know.
You are my life of the world.
The apple of my eye;
The smiles when times are blue.
I wish I could give you the stars from the sky
That remind me of your twinkling eyes.
I would catch the stars that shine so bright
And let you keep them until they lose light.
Then together we will throw them back to the sky;
Cause I know you would rather not let them die.
I wish I could keep you as a child still
With your youthful light shining through
But soon I know;
I will have to watch you grow;
Leaving your childhood behind
To start the chapter of your life too soon.

Shining Stars

Beneath a thousand of tiny lights.
I gaze in wonder at such a sight.
So many stars shine in the darken sky.
Like fireflies twinkling by.
Each star above the night sky
Watches over you and I.
Through the night they give their light
And shine us on our way.
These guiding stars are love ones once lost.
Although they are gone their light lingers on
Like burning oil lamps of old.
As I laid myself to sleep
I know that the stars will be in my keep.
They will watch over me from above
And keep on shining with their love.