Storm Gathering Towards The Wheat

Golden wheat stands high
Proudly between the intersection
With its regal bearing shimmering;
As behind raging gray clouds come
A large ominous storm brewing billowing
Forward to what will spell disaster for the wheat?
Dirt intersection lies empty
Except for telephone poles who knows how far back they go
Some may have been swallowed by the storm
Coming ever closer as the wind
Tries to dislodge posters from telephone poles faces.
Is this the coming of a new age?

Ekphrastic poem based on the painting called “Gray and Gold” painted by John Rogers Cox

Rumbling Storm Coming

I hear the rumbling far away.
My ears perk up; swivel back and forth.
What that I hear so far away?
It is what I dislike the most.
Oh, how I hear it rumbling closer.
I will wander from room to room.
Pacing back and forth;
I will seek out my owner to comfort me.
I try to remember where I left him.
I was sleeping peacefully upon my bed.
To the living room I go; he is not here.
I don’t hear him in the kitchen.
Oh, where did my owner go?
Then I remember with dread.
He left for work early in the day.
Pace and whine wishing he was here.
Storm I hear is drawing near.
Darkness I see sliding over
Rooms become more dark.
I hear the rumbling closer then ever.
I let out a whimper; only one place to go.
I head to the bathroom to get away.
But alas the noise building.
I nudge the shower curtain just a little.
Place my front paws up on tub.
I climb managing not fall.
My sanctuary; my place of refuge
It greets with cold tub bottom.
I will ride out this storm til it ends.
I will stay here until I know I’m safe.
What a dog to do with many window in this place.
Only place is the bathroom; no windows to show the storm.
I am safe for now; as I wait out this storm.

April 15th prompt from this site

The Nightmare Remained At Daylight

Original line: The dream crossed twilight between birth and dying
New line: The nightmare remained at daylight far from ending and continuing

The nightmare remained at daylight far from ending and continuing
As he was aboard a ship being tossed all around
For a storm had in wee early hours had begun
In his sleep he dreamed of storm
Only to wake from his nightmare to real thing
He grabbed a hold of what stayed secure
Held on to dear life he did
Hoping ragging storm outside his cabin would end

April 12th Prompt: Take a famous line and rewrite it with the opposite of each word in the line. Then write a poem with the new line. For example, “Because I could not stop for death” might become “Notwithstanding you could begin past life.” Stuck? Try, “My life had stood a loaded gun.”

Winter Storm Comes Tomorrow

Winter storm comes tomorrow.
Will be it like news predicts?
Bringing light flurries in morning
A dusting before the big dump.
In mid-afternoon temps will drop
Bringing steady snow throughout
Rest of the day through weekend.
Snow they said will continue to fall
Will it fall all the way to Monday?
A winter storm will come tomorrow.

Musically Storm Tonight

All silent in sleeping slumber tonight.
Clouds begin to brew a coming storm tonight.

Winds will pick up with force; charging in before it rains tonight.

Musically symphony will crash through with rain beating the beats tonight.

Crickets using their legs will strum like violins before coming storm tonight.

Lightning will be the lights of the grand show tonight.

For thunder will crash as cymbals in end musically storm tonight.