Winter Storm Comes Tomorrow

Winter storm comes tomorrow.
Will be it like news predicts?
Bringing light flurries in morning
A dusting before the big dump.
In mid-afternoon temps will drop
Bringing steady snow throughout
Rest of the day through weekend.
Snow they said will continue to fall
Will it fall all the way to Monday?
A winter storm will come tomorrow.


Quick Storm

Dark clouds move in

Sky turns grey

Wind whips into a frenzy

Trees rustle with coming storm

Then clouds burst open

Rain comes down quickly

In a torrent of hard drops

Then, it stops

Only rain soaked ground

Is reflected by the grass

And puddles on sidewalk

Musically Storm Tonight

All silent in sleeping slumber tonight.
Clouds begin to brew a coming storm tonight.

Winds will pick up with force; charging in before it rains tonight.

Musically symphony will crash through with rain beating the beats tonight.

Crickets using their legs will strum like violins before coming storm tonight.

Lightning will be the lights of the grand show tonight.

For thunder will crash as cymbals in end musically storm tonight.

Mighty Storm

Mighty storm I bend to your knee
To dissuade your winds from using force
You bring destruction in your wake
Which I can hear the ground shake
Your rumble is heard for miles
Angry are you let your rage out
You wash your destruction with rain
Hoping to make it disappear
But your tears of rain turn into lakes
Causing more damage in your wake
Mighty storm secede your wrath
Bring your mighty forces to an end