Give Thanks

Give thanks today we pray
For God has given us this day
For food we eat with all
To share with everyone we call
We gather around on this day
Passing food, we give our thanks
For what we have and what we’ll find
We will pass the peace with a sign
And give thanks to God one more time.

Thanks I Give For The Things I Love

Thanks I give for the things I love
I owe it all to the one, my Mom.
She’s the one who got me started;
With my passion for reading books.
She’s the one who broaden my horizons
For going to see specular theater productions.
She’s the one who got me interested;
Interested in watching my favorite pastime;
My love of Baseball.
Thanks I give for the few things I love;
I owe it all to the one I love, my Mom;
For encouraging me to continue the things I love.


Thank you, God on this grateful day.
Hand in hand we pray
Among this bountiful food we set before you.
Now we bless your name
Keeping everything we love within our hearts
Sharing our meal we have with you.
God, we are thankful for having us come together
In these fast paced times.
View us as lost sheep who need your guidance
In all that we strive do in our lives.
Now we praise your name,
God for this thankful day of Thanksgiving.