Look Through Lenses

A look through lenses;
Between the looking glass I see.
Curious of what I find;
Digs through my soul
Enough to focus the scene;
For I want to keep it, to
Give it out to the world, not to
Hold on to this scene; this
Image that I see through the glass like a
Jailer holding the keys to oneself.
Keep not this scene to myself;
Look out to where I may give it freely.
Make time to show it off
Not just the scene but the whole story
Of what I see between the glass.
Pluck out the scene I wish
Quality to perfection of clearness;
Ready the print to show that;
Surely what I saw coming through the lenses
Touches your soul as I
Unveil the scene in front of you;
View it at every angle
Will you see what I see?
Xerography is not the print;
You should see metallic print
Zoomed in from what I saw though the lenses.

April 1st prompt. This an abecedarian poem. Each line begins with the alphabet, A-Z. This is the medium way to write a poem.

See Through

Can you see through me?
Can you see through the flaws?
What have you come to see?
What may I ask is the cause?
I see your face with tears
But am I to ask what the fears;
I cannot read your mind
To understand I wish I could
But I am to stun to find
That now I wish would;
Take back what I said
That you now have fled.