The Art Of Playing With Dog Toys

Art of playing with dog toys
Takes skills and years of practice.
Don’t just randomly choose your toy.
But, keep changing the toy
So not to get bored every day.
Sniff one that is still in one piece.
Gently take in mouth.
Run with it for awhile.
Stop to shake it back and forth.
Throw it in the air.
Watch it fall in delight.
Now to let the squeaking out.
Delight should heighten to
Take it in mouth and run around.
Prance until you are weary.
Laying down panting with toy near by.
From there it’s time for a nap
To repeat the playing of your doggy toy.

Dog’s Ode To Stuff Toy

Here was Chelsey, the dog, attempt of writing an ode poem.

My toy I love you so much
You are there when I awake
And you are there when I sleep
I enjoy your squeak you make
Your high pitch excites me
To point I zoom around
And round the home
I love to to chomp on you;
I am glad you don’t mind
My teeth clamp on
Shake you find side to side
I love the runs we do together
As I race with you in mouth
You are my friend; my playmate;
When human owner goes work
I am glad you are still with me
Regardless of some missing tuff

Favorite Toy: Puzzles

Learned my love from puzzles young
Just sitting on the floor holding pieces
Just testing out by trial and error
Getting excited when I found one
Matching correct pieces that go together

At threes years old I held the piece
Turned it one way; then another
A big piece to fit with nine others
Try it in one area; it will not go
Try another it finally fits

At seven years old I held the piece
The one I knew would fit 100-piece puzzle
Smaller than I had at three
Turned it once and found the spot
Connected it in and it’s a fit

Another I’m older I hold a piece
Gleam from over from 1,000 pieces
Picked it up; eyed it carefully
Turn it once the other way
I still to do puzzle still today

Playing Tug A Rope With Dog

The game is easy
Take the dog rope
Dangle in front of your dog
Watch her grab one end
Then with you on other
You both tug back and forth
See the dog determine
To tear it from your grasp
Watch your foot work
Dog will play the card
To trip you and win the toy
But, you can’t let her win all the time
So, you find ways to beat her at her game

April 16 prompt from this site


Oh, Stegosaurus how miss you
My favorite toy when I was but a youth
I miss your large stubby legs
The spiky tail with its deadly spikes
Your plates you had on your back
Help you with sun and protection from your enemies
I miss the grin plastered on your face
As I fed you imaginary green ferns to chew slowly on
Oh, Stegosaurus how I miss holding you in my hand
How I had minding yourself
Until I brought T-Rex out to give you a fight
You always won as your tail was used as a battle axe
I miss the times we were together
Looking up facts about you in books
Now you lie in a box with other dinosaurs
Waiting for your time to re-emerge once again anf play