Dog Valentine’s Day Toys

I woof you
I love (paw print) you
Free (wet) kisses
Melt my heart (paw print)
Wet kisses
Puppy love
Cute stuff
You make my tag wag
Furr ever
Too sweet
Be mine
Those are my Valentine’s Day toys
I squeak loudly to say I love you



Oh, Stegosaurus how miss you
My favorite toy when I was but a youth
I miss your large stubby legs
The spiky tail with its deadly spikes
Your plates you had on your back
Help you with sun and protection from your enemies
I miss the grin plastered on your face
As I fed you imaginary green ferns to chew slowly on
Oh, Stegosaurus how I miss holding you in my hand
How I had minding yourself
Until I brought T-Rex out to give you a fight
You always won as your tail was used as a battle axe
I miss the times we were together
Looking up facts about you in books
Now you lie in a box with other dinosaurs
Waiting for your time to re-emerge once again anf play

The Toy [Revision]

Lying on the floor, it waits for its owner to come.
Hoping to give a dog some fun.
Picked up and shaken with get joy;
Brings a happy smile to the dog.
It squeaks with delight to play
Hoping it could go on all day.
The dog enjoys it too much;
Racing back and forth with it in her mouth.
Squeaky toy brings to much joy to the dog;
At the end of the day it goes to sleep with her.

The Toy

It lies on the floor, waiting for its owner to come,
Hoping to give her some fun.
It loves to bring a happy smile
As it is picked up and shaken with great wonder.
It squeaks with delight at the thought of play
Hoping it would go on all day.
Its owner the dog is enjoying it too much
That it races back and forth with it in her mouth.
What joys the squeaky toy brings to this dog,
That at the end of the day it goes to sleep with her.