To Travel World

To travel around world without worry
Across continents I have never visited
To soak up history of each place
Stand in ewe of old structures
Which have been here for centuries
But, I wish I could have done it with you
My canine best friend of whom I miss
Even though you wouldn’t want to go
You would always be with me
I would take your picture
Chronicle your journey
As we hopped from one location to another
Or if I could be with you for one more day
To tell you how much I love you
How you were the best friend I could ever have
To pet your fur coat again; to take you for one more walk
Just to be in your presence again
Would put smile on our faces

April 7th prompt from this site


Echos Travel

I chose this Plath poem: February 1, 1963: “Words”

Echos travels across the howling desert
On winds they travel far and wide
Hungry to reach the other end
To send a message of which I don’t know
Their words are an empty blur
Only if you listen carefully
Can you dissect what they might say

April 29 prompt from this site

Photo Adventure Postcard

Hope to see you soon as we finish a week on our adventure. We walked
through dense trees snapping photos as we went. Nature surrounded us
at every corner. Through lens they stared at us. Waterfalls refreshed
the gloom of forest. Natures beauty at its finest. Quietly watch wild
animals at their play. Saw dynamic clouds with sunset as the day closed
to an end. Will show photos of our exciting adventure. See you very soon!

April 28 prompt from this site

Wishing To Travel

I wish I could travel abroad
To see many places far and wide.
From fifty states then across the ocean
To visit Europe and beyond.
To roam a nomadic life
From one town to the next
Breathing in the sites
Of culture, history and such.
But I have no means of funding
To get where I need to go.
I have to save up
Until I have enough to go.

Penguin Travels [Version]

They waddle in their tuxedos
Straight line traveling to other home.
From coldest area world has known
They waddle forward heads held high.
Bellies full of food
Which they will store for food
They waddle onward towards other home.
For other home they travel
Is where they bring new life
Away from water edges
They will travel day and night.
They will travel far
To reach their home before a storm.

Death Came Knocking

Death came knocking at my door
But where was I; I wasn’t home.
I wasn’t ready to see him yet
I was traveling the world far and wide
Taking my last days before I say goodbye.
Death waited patiently at my home
I had a note that said I’d be home soon.
He waited there a few days more
Then left a note too; to say he’d back soon.
Death came knocking the following week
Nobody answered; I was still not there.
Death checked the day; saw it was wrong
He came back the end of week;
I was finally there to answer his knock.
I invited him in and he said its time
I took his hand to leave my physical life.