Her Eyes Looked On With Love

Her eyes looked on with love
She quicken to hold her horses close
Two tied together;
One with empty saddle
Other with packs of supply
She galloped forward on the third
Her lover in distance waiting
For they would leave place of darkest
Where both families didn’t approve
They would travel aboard
To find a place where they belong

April 22nd Prompt: Write a poem using a horse cliché in a way that is not clichéd but is new and vibrant: dark horse, hold your horses, horse play, horse of a different color, eat like a horse, get off your high horse, charley horse, one horse town.

I Drive To A Farm

I drive to a farm
Out in middle of nowhere
I eat my cookie along the way
I stop the car to walk
Went under chain link fence
Saw a bot on a nearby leaf
Didn’t see where I was going
Step myself in a spider’s web
I left nature back to my car
I will never control nature if I could
I scroll the books tiles on my paper
Couldn’t wait till I got to farm
I took the caps lock off the cruise
Continue driving to the farm
That was my homepage destination
I got there in time for the app

April 13th Prompt: Write a poem that is not about technology at all but uses as many of these 10 technology terms as you can: bot, web, cookie, link, drive, control, scroll, caps lock, homepage, and app.

Morning Light

Black inky morning traveling by car.
Alone I drive in the wee hours
Watching as sky turns from midnight black
To bright blue skies with wispy clouds
As I drive the light begins to rise
Slowly black to turns royal blue
Then ocean blue to soft baby blue
Pinks show through clouds
Sun peaks out to brighten the day
Road is one I can see better now
As my destination comes to an end

April 1st Prompt: Write about a time when you left somewhere very early in the morning: How did you travel? Who was with you? And what was the light like, from beginning to end of the trip?

To Travel World

To travel around world without worry
Across continents I have never visited
To soak up history of each place
Stand in ewe of old structures
Which have been here for centuries
But, I wish I could have done it with you
My canine best friend of whom I miss
Even though you wouldn’t want to go
You would always be with me
I would take your picture
Chronicle your journey
As we hopped from one location to another
Or if I could be with you for one more day
To tell you how much I love you
How you were the best friend I could ever have
To pet your fur coat again; to take you for one more walk
Just to be in your presence again
Would put smile on our faces

April 7th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Echos Travel

I chose this Plath poem: February 1, 1963: “Words”

Echos travels across the howling desert
On winds they travel far and wide
Hungry to reach the other end
To send a message of which I don’t know
Their words are an empty blur
Only if you listen carefully
Can you dissect what they might say

April 29 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Photo Adventure Postcard

Hope to see you soon as we finish a week on our adventure. We walked
through dense trees snapping photos as we went. Nature surrounded us
at every corner. Through lens they stared at us. Waterfalls refreshed
the gloom of forest. Natures beauty at its finest. Quietly watch wild
animals at their play. Saw dynamic clouds with sunset as the day closed
to an end. Will show photos of our exciting adventure. See you very soon!

April 28 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/