Dog And Christmas Tree Haikus

I find comfy spot
With a blanket under tree
You tell me to move

I paw the blanket
Under tree for more comfort
You rush to stop me

You say: out from there,
And I nearly had tree fall
I am now confused

Dog’s First Take On Christmas Tree

I watch you take out a tree (if you call it a tree).

It’s has no fresh scent; has not been outside– and there’s no craggy stump.

Three parts it has as I watch you ‘put it together’.

You bend branches all around; while others are spread open more.

Once done you stand back to admire your handy work.

You check for holes; rearrange a branch here or there.

I watch not sure what’s coming next.

You place blanket around bottom of tree. (but you call it skirt, why?)

What are these color lights coming next.

You wrap them around tree (all the way to top).

You grab chair; place bright star light on top.

Again you step back and admire your handy work.

You say tomorrow will be more decorating. (what does that mean?)

Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

I Took a Dollar Bill [Revision]

Today I took a dollar bill,
Went outside in backyard near.
Dug a hole so deep,
Buried the dollar bill there.
Watered it day and night,
Gave thanks for the dollar bill.
I watched roots take hold,
In soil that was on a hill.
A tree began to grow,
And grow it ready did.
Instead of leaves I saw,
Now dollar bills instead.
I gave thanks to dollar tree,
As I cut each bill down.
I pass out to people I met,
In each and every town;
They were gratful for the bills
I went and planted another one down the hill.

Busy In A Tree Revised

I did not stop to chat with you,
As you were busy in a tree
Swinging your slender arms
Back in forth on a branch.

Tree was high with apples
And green leaves hiding you
Where you were picking from the tree,
By virbrating branch
Back and forth, back and forth.

I didn’t want to startle you there
For you could fall and besides
The point, I had a birthday gift
Which you were not allow to see.

So on I went to your place,
But I had the feeling you were watching me
From between the green leaves of the tree
Hoping to spy the gift I was going to give to thee.

April 29th 2015 poem: Choose one of the poems you have drafted this month and revise it at least one of these ways: break it into stanzas, or make it all one stanza; cut every other line; or add a line between each line.