Dog Valentine’s Day Toys

I woof you
I love (paw print) you
Free (wet) kisses
Melt my heart (paw print)
Wet kisses
Puppy love
Cute stuff
You make my tag wag
Furr ever
Too sweet
Be mine
Those are my Valentine’s Day toys
I squeak loudly to say I love you


Valentine Love

Day of love is in the air
To give ones heart so fair
For you are the love I see
Wanting my Valentine to be
Yours is special on this day
That I could not say it any other way
Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love;
Our love will fly over like a dove;
To ever more you will be mine
I hope to ask tonight to dine.
Yes, I see it in your eyes
For more years will make us wise
The love we share now;
Will last since we made that vow.