Sharing Vegetables

I smell fresh steamed veggies from kitchen.
I see you load them on white plate.
I watch you carry towards table
Once seated you begin to eat.
I come over placing front paws on chair.
Please share your green broccoli with me.
You see my pleading eyes.
You know certain veggies are good for dogs.
You find small pieces to give out.
You have me work for food.
I sit and stay for you.
I look at you when you say “Kana watch me”.
Each piece is so good.
Then I’m done; waiting for you to finish dinner.


Through the stalks of green
I see through your slender frame.
Sturdy, you puff your twin breast above;
Dotted with tiny flowering heads a plenty
They cover over your twin breasts.
Oh, Broccolo when you’re stemmed hot with temper
You make my mouth water for you ever more.
You give me strength through my days
That I cannot live to eat without you.
Please do not leave me for someone else again.