Kale Vegetable Wrap

Grab the vegetables red, green and orange
Wash red peppers and kale under sink
Grab a baby carrot or two to wash
Chop all as small as they can squeeze
Into an oversize tasty wrap
Bring out the skillet to medium heat
Add olive oil to skillet and garlic
Doesn’t matter fresh or not
Saute garlic then add carrots
Not to soft for a minute or too
As you smell the aroma
Add kale leaves until tender,
You will see them start to wilt
In front of your very eyes
Peppers are add a little before
The final wilt of kale
Grab wrap and heat in microwave
lay out wrap, favorite condiment;
Drizzle on wrap, enough but not enough
Add cooked vegetables to wrap’s center
Before you fold your wrap
Sprinkle cheese any of kind is fine
Then one side folded, then another
Until you see a delicious wrap,
Completely folded, wrapped around
Tender, tasty healthy vegetables;
Very easy to come together.