When Will You Come Home

I left my stuff toy where it lies.
How can I play with it?
You leave me at Grandma’s
     with a wave of your hand
          and a kiss on my snout.

I am helpless waiting for your return.
How could you leave me?
I am a dog, silent, not understanding
     what vacation means
        or when you will return to me.

I sigh, day and night.
Will you come back for me?
Front door opens,
     I see you there, I stare
       making sure it is finally you.

I am too overjoy to get up.
I let you come to me
     and give you the
        I miss you lick
     as you pet my fur.

Waiting For Her Treat

She stands staring… Her eyes gaze longingly at… I see the counter where… A piece of her favorite… She smacks her… Does her tricks with… For she can be smart when… I see her eyeing what is now in… I say leave it while I give her command to… She watches… Drool starts to form as she is getting… snack is what she loves. On paws she is… eat what she really… I give nod to… Finally with a look… Head down devours until… gone, with no crumbs left on… Where she continues to lick and… Then she looks up expecting… from me which will not happen.

Maiden Watching Across The Seas

Oh, maiden standing on the seaside
Looking out at raging seas
Tears have fallen because she cried
For her lover has gone abroad
To far off place overseas
She has prayed to God
Hoping he will come home
Before the big winter freeze
She continues to watch the stormy foam

April 9 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net

Pool Of Water

I look into the pool of water
It ripples as if one touch it
I peer in thinking an image will appear
Something to show me of my future
But, nothing comes
No mirage of events that looms
All there is the rippling of the ripple
Which fades back to calm waters
Like no finger has touched it before
I stare, hoping to see something
But all is calm nothing looming in the horizon

Waiting Game

I sit waiting for you to finish
You are stall with black screen
Blinking those four color squares
Red, green, blue and yellow at me
You seem to taunt me with your waiting
“I will load when I feel like it.” – work will you
I have no time to play your silly games
I have work to do but you will not listen
I rant at you with all I have
I want to shake you, but you just sit
On same screen for past ten minutes
Even though I have started you four times already.

Your Blossoms

Why are your blossoms late?
Is it frost that still lingers near
Sun hidden by cloudy skies
No warmth or light to grow
Or Sun shining to bright
Bringing no rain in sight
To feed your tender roots
Which will open your blossom
Why are your blossoms late?
Is it to early for you to open
For I can’t wait another moment
Your blossoms I want to pluck
Move in to smell your lovely scent
To hand out to others
Must you bloom late to tease
To let me linger waiting
Let your blossoms grow for me
Waiting is just sweet sorrow
Not seeing your beauty unfold before me