Stare At Deer

On walk I saw a deer
I stopped to stare
Deer was very aware
As I drew near
We stared for some time
No move did we make
I had to take a break
Was the deer’s dinnertime
I continued my walk
And didn’t do the stalk

Few days ago Kana saw a deer and didn’t do what Chelsey did which was to chase it. Kana just stared at it for a long time.

Unhappy Walk Haiku Sonnet

I take walk outside
We must be six feet away
I, dog says not fair

Need to socialize
Hooman will not let go near
Not happy at all

I look at you sad
You say there is pandemic
I, not understand

Walk quicker I will
I continue to get near
You slow down our walk

I am dog, no understand
This pandemic was unplanned

Springtime At Home

Spring has comes but it doesn’t feel like Spring.
The weather dips up and down; cold to warm; rain to snow.
One day nice and sunny. Next cold and cloudy.
White buds start to grow on trees I see from window
Slowly they will being to open to show their flowers.
I saw the blue heron fly across light-blue sky yesterday.
I exclaimed to my dog, “The blue heron has come to visit our lake today!”
My dog didn’t care as she was relaxing full length upon her bed.
And five minutes later I saw the heron fly away to some other place.
I sighed, “Maybe next time I will have my camera ready to photograph the heron again.”
I had been practicing my violin just one of many things to keep me busy in these trying times.
I keep busy with painting, reading, violin practice, learning, cooking, walking and playing with dog,
checking emails, working on computer, and what ever interest comes calling to me that I enjoy.
To many things I want to do in a day.
I try to change what I want to work on.
Computer ends up claiming me longer then excepted.
I make time for dog.
We take walks. Walk four times day.
We change were we walk.
She loves them. Keeps her happy.
I want my dog to be happy in these times.
She is a social dog who craves attention from people and dogs.
She is not happy not to go to dog events (I too miss dog events).
In meantime I have more time with her.
It is the season of shedding– I brush her creamy fur out
To get rid of loose fur tufting out in cotton ball clumps.
I pet her more.
I try to teach her about toys since she was puppy mill rescue who didn’t own one.
I hold her, snuggle, talk to her.
She is my companion I am glad to have around.
She keeps me busy. I love her.
It is quite on our walks up to a special place where hardly any people walk.
I hear, “When will it get back to normal”.
I don’t know but I am enjoying my time off with my dog.
As I had to be at work five times a day.
Now I have all day with her.
I keep our routine almost similar to when I was working.
I try to keep life normal for her.
She doesn’t understand what’s going on around her.
She looks at me with sad brown eyes, “when can we go shopping again.”
I tell her we have to wait. I will let her know.
I comfort her; give her space.
I gave her a brief foster dog friend to be with.
She helped him out– showed him humans are nice.
He is now adopted into home.
Now it’s her and I. She has me all to herself.
And I am glad I got a chance to foster.
As I love dogs; I got a chance to help a dog.
Life is strange at the moment.
I make the best of it.
I will make best of it in these trying times.

April 25th prompt from this site

Dog Walk Haiku Sonnet

Dog waits by the door
As harness is buckled on
Ready for outside

Down the stairs we go
We start our walk around and
Keep to edge of street

Down the road we go
She stops; sniffs, then answer call
Walk and stop some more

Around cul-de-sac
We continue walk with stops
She enjoys outside

Must finish walk now
We need to eat chow

Meeting Postman

Hot day walking with owner
I see person up ahead
I quicken pace
I want to say hello
I walk forward
Politely place paws
On person’s leg.
He stops placing mailing
In black boxes.
He pets me all over
He asks about me;
I soak up the attention.
He hugs me
Amazed how small I am.
Owner takes picture
Thanks, person
Who I find is postman.
With that I finish our walk.

Winter Morning Walk

Morning snow lays heavy on branches
A winter wonderland I wake up to
Snow is deep when we step out
Dog bounds ahead excited
Blue booties kicking up snow
As she goes racing
I try to keep up
Thanks goodness for retractable leash
I watch her play in snow
Reaching up close to her belly
Looks like if it snows anymore
She will get lost in mountain of snow
On this winter morning