Meeting Postman

Hot day walking with owner
I see person up ahead
I quicken pace
I want to say hello
I walk forward
Politely place paws
On person’s leg.
He stops placing mailing
In black boxes.
He pets me all over
He asks about me;
I soak up the attention.
He hugs me
Amazed how small I am.
Owner takes picture
Thanks, person
Who I find is postman.
With that I finish our walk.

Dog Waiting For Cooler Weather

In excessive heat I stay inside

Lay near cool air conditioner

And sleep till evening comes

Then it’s time to walk outside

Enjoy cool wind in my fur

As we take long walk around town

Before darkness tells us to go home and sleep

Winter Morning Walk

Morning snow lays heavy on branches
A winter wonderland I wake up to
Snow is deep when we step out
Dog bounds ahead excited
Blue booties kicking up snow
As she goes racing
I try to keep up
Thanks goodness for retractable leash
I watch her play in snow
Reaching up close to her belly
Looks like if it snows anymore
She will get lost in mountain of snow
On this winter morning