Wearing Shades

Down street I walk
One cool dog wearing shades
Passersby stop to marvel
Why one keeps them on?
I enjoy wearing them
I don’t mine at all
Keeps sun out of my eyes
And give others a big smile


Talking Geese

Dog and I walk the usual route
Air is crisp, warming for coming Spring
Geese have waddled back into existence
She see them; I nudge her forward
We pass them knowing we will see them
When we come around the other side
Other side now we on
Just have to pass the geese again
We close in on them
I see their black long necks
Their annoying wadding when they walk
Stench of smelliness they carry
Those black eyes that stare out
Dog stops; They start their honking
They know my dog well
She will stalk them; then give chase
They honk their warning as I try to pass
They waddle their walk away from us
One turns around; hissing at us
Its time to go; who knows what will happen next
They think we are the intruders
But it is them who have intruder on my dog territory

April 5 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net

A Dog Who Wants To Relax Outside

She stops in her tracks
Leash goes taunt
I turn to look back.

She sits down
Looks all around
I look at her with a frown.

I tug lightly;
Then a pull
She stand her ground tightly.

I coax, I go to make her stand
plop to ground laying down
She is trying to make a demand.

She wants to relax in shade;
To be outside instead of in
I say its to hot and try to dissuade.

I get her up and going
Walk her back to home
She is now easygoing.

Walking In the Snow

Outside my dog and I walk
Pass mounds of snow so high
To a dog; they look like mountains,
Steep and tall, too hard to climb.
Down a walkway to enter the valley;
Valley of snow; with walls so high.
One of few a dog can waddle through;
Snow up to legs, she plods on;
Making a snow trail for others to follow.
Drifts of snow like sand ripples
Silently change as wind whips through
Walking a dog in the snow
Is the hardest thing to do.