Dog Doesn’t Like Social Distancing

I went to park to walk
Ground changes beneath paws
Hard road to muddy grass
I walk with human
Around a short path
There is dog up ahead
My human won’t let me near
Says words I don’t understand:
“We have to practice social distancing”
But I want to say hi
We distantly walk pass
I look behind
Want to say meet dog
But we continue walk
Until we our car to go home

Dog First Time At Outside Mall

New places I go

I walk towards mall.

It’s not an indoor mall

With walls and tight spaces.

This mall is open

Where one smells fresh air

As you wander down each store.

My owner and I walk inside.

Some are pet friendly

For I receive treats

Or petting from sale associates.

I see other dogs walking around.

I take it all in with my senses.

I enjoy until I’m tired

We go home; I fall asleep in car.

Walk to School

I was in third grade when I walked to school
Small group from around our neighborhood
We walked to school each day together
Some would wait at corner stop
Waiting for a grownup to walk us across
Then down about six houses to the Board of Ed
We walked down left side of street not too far
Gravel road awaited on top to go down hill
Playground and school below
We walked down to get to school
I did that walk for one more year
Until fifth grade school was too far
Then it was the bus for me

April 6th Prompt: Write a poem about your grade school bus ride, car ride or walk to school.

Dog Sniffing Around

Dog walking around.
Head down. Sniff, sniff.
Smells fill the snout.
More snuffles into grass.
She categorizes her smells.
This one a new dog in neighborhood.
Oh and this is my friend, Toffee.
And here is the lingering smell of squirrel.
Sigh, he gone now and can’t be chased.
Here is the dog that growls at me all the time.
She lifts her snout.
Sniffs the air. There is a dog near.
Who could it be?
She moves forward. I follow.
To see who is up ahead.

Dog Dislike Traffic

Cars wiz by quickly
Zooming pass as dog and I walk
Down sidewalk I am unfazed
My dog stops looks around
Sound of traffic to loud for her ears
She doesn’t enjoy high sounds
Her mouth quivers as she turns head
I coax her on to our destination
She finallys follows as I lead the way

April 23 prompt from this site