April Shower Walk

April showers
Bring pretty flowers
Will hang out of towers
Must wait hours
For end of rain
Wish I could slain
Because I have to walk
With dog who balk
I must gently talk
As I look at clock
Coax her with sweet talk
Ti go outside for walk.


For I Will Consider My Dog Chelsey

For I will consider my dog Chelsey.
For she is my loyal companion and best friend.
For under my roof she lives with me quietly waiting for her favorite activities to do.
For she is a great window watcher laying down by sliding glass doors waiting for those activity words to be heard.
For once she hears one of those words, she will stand upon all fours paws looking at me in earnest.
For when at that moment she will stretch her forward paws and then her back to get ready to go.
For also she will let a rolling yawn come out of her mouth, her pink tongue coming out and then shake her whole body indicating she is ready.
For first activity of enjoyment are walks in morning and evening before sunset.
For I strap the harness around her neck, then clip a leash, her eyes dance with excitement.
For once outside she will swagger her walk going around the sidewalk; stopping sometimes to sniff around.
For she will go out in all types of weather be it beautiful, snow, rain, humid and cold.
For second word of activity is meal time where twice a day she is fed.
For hearing the kibbles go into the bowl; she is there in a blink of an eye waiting; eyeing her food.
For I have to give her a release food so she doesn’t inhale her food too fast.
For next activity is playtime.
For she will run around the room; zooming fast around.
For also it may involve a stuff toy that has her attention as she shakes it in her mouth, letting the squeaking be heard with delight in her eyes.
For another activity sometimes amuses her is taking photos of her in different settings.
For she has a smile that I capture with my camera.
For she will give different expressions every time I snap a picture.
For she knows she will get something in return; normally a treat or two.
For she will tolerate the dressing up; the hats; the bandanas and glasses too.
For she will probably think she is star which is true.
For I have many prints and wall decor of her everywhere in my rooms.
For her last activity of enjoyment she considers her favorite.
For she learns and practices over and over again until sometime without telling her she will do it from heart.
For they involve commands that always leads to treats at the end.
For she will sit then stay with perfection until she can’t hold and want to do the next command without hesitation.
For sometimes I have repeat so can paid attention to my signals both verbal and by hand.
For next command to look at me and then lay down and wait as I move closer to the finally act.
For I will place treats on her paws and say leave it as she looks at me smiling; waiting with a happy drooling doggy grin for the release of the word to her treats.
For once that word is spoken she wastes no time devouring those treats; crumbs and all until nothing remains left.
For these activities are her favorite and brings our bond closer then ever.
For she is my loyal companion and best friend in a furry coat who loves me know matter what activities we do together.

Talking Geese

Dog and I walk the usual route
Air is crisp, warming for coming Spring
Geese have waddled back into existence
She see them; I nudge her forward
We pass them knowing we will see them
When we come around the other side
Other side now we on
Just have to pass the geese again
We close in on them
I see their black long necks
Their annoying wadding when they walk
Stench of smelliness they carry
Those black eyes that stare out
Dog stops; They start their honking
They know my dog well
She will stalk them; then give chase
They honk their warning as I try to pass
They waddle their walk away from us
One turns around; hissing at us
Its time to go; who knows what will happen next
They think we are the intruders
But it is them who have intruder on my dog territory

April 5 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net