Off To War

My grandpa went off to war right out of high school
Young, baby face he looked to young to go
He joined the Navy for service
Would be on ship for days
He worked in sonar wearing headphones
He went through many battles
Only got wounded by ricochet shrapnel
My grandma told me stories
Of one important battle he fought
They called it battle of Leyte Gulf
He was on escort carriers
One from several there
The ships fought off large Japanese fleet
It was a turning point battle in war
He survived or I wouldn’t be here
I glad to know stories of my grandpa
Who fought in World War II

April 25th Prompt: Write about someone who went to war. You do not have to mention the war, but you may.

Death Had Come

I looked upon the ground, Death had come.
As I saw the bloody river, Death had come.

Broken bodies lie on the battlefield, Death had come,
To take their souls away from Earth: Death had come.

I saw the lifeless eyes stare in space, Death had come.
The skies had darken; rains came, Death had come.

I didn’t linger for the smell of Death had come.
Silence was all round the field, Death had come.

Many solders fought and died the day Death had come
Charging among them has they were cut down, Death had come.

War is horrible business when Death has come
To claim the fallen at Fredericksburg: Death had come.

I, Hasen ask God, “why so much death”, he replied, “Death has come
to take life, when new life gets created. So, Death has come.”

April 13 prompt from this site

High On Hill They Stood Their Ground

High on hill they stood their ground
To wait for enemy that would come around
Untrained colonists soon would see
Army of red coats march from sea
Waves and waves they march in rhythm
Up the hill to take the high ground
Bunker Hill their target was
To break the colonists spirit of independence
Colonists held their ground to show
That they were determined not to fold
They held on hard through the end
They lost a lot men for what they wanted to defend
And proved to all that they could stand
Against the might empire that had come in hand.
For British had heavy losses too
They were much surprised of what colonists could do
Upon Bunker Hill they fought to start the revolution
That started the war for their independence


In their uniform of faded blue.
They sit hunched over waiting,
By the fire waiting for the call.
The call to arms is what they wait.
Waiting to march into battle,
Not knowing when their time to die may come.
They wait by the fire feeling its warmth for a while.
Talking with comrades and writing letters home.
Trying not to think of times ahead.
Soldiers in their uniform of faded blue
Sit waiting, waiting to go into battle.
Not knowing when their time to die may come.

War Road

Heavy boots go stomp, stomp,
Along a dirt trodden road.
A sea of blue marching down the road,
Clanking, clanking as they go.
On they march to where they go nobody knows.
Clop, clop, what’s that up ahead.
A rider coming through.
Hurry, Hurry says he, the enemy is too near.
Now its double time, double time.
The sea of blue marches quickly onward.
To face the enemy unknown,
To where they go their fate unknown.