Lilies Watch

White water lilies drift upon the pond
Each wearing a green lily pad
They are silent watchers
To folks walking up a white wooden bridge
Watching them stop and stare at them
Lilies watch others come
And sit beneath overgrown willow tree
Taking out blankets and food to have lunch
Lilies drift upon the pond
Watching all who stop by on a summer’s afternoon

Window Watch

I watch from the window high,
Everything that passes by.
From driving cars to people walking,
I even see birds take to the sky.
Miles away I watch from my window
Gathering clouds begin to form.
Bringing with them another storm.
I see from the window as people rush to go in,
Hoping to beat the coming rain.
From my window high I finally see
The rain pouring down.
Not much to look at now
For outside you can’t see the town.
I will stop my window watching now,
Hopefully later I can continue the show.

Watch Time

Without you I would be lost
No clue to what state of time is currently being held.
My days confuse of the present time.
I hope not to lose it soon.
I check you every minute and every hour
That I know you will still be there.
You are there on my wrist to tell me the time.
Always there so I can be everywhere on time.
Without you my watch I don’t know what to do.