Pizza And Dog Haikus

I look at pizza
Folded in half in your hand
Will you share it please?

I stare, waiting, but
No pizza will you give me
I will come close

Are you taunting me?
Pizza looks too good, I want
What you place in mouth

Please, please give pizza
I jump up to place paws On
Your leg while you eat

Staring Out Of Window

I walked into room
Saw you staring out:
Your dominion high above
On third level condo
Watching all that transpired
Under your focused gaze
You only took a quick glance
As I enter; then back to staring
Out of sliding glass window
Nothing escaped your notice
Until you were satisfied
Nothing would get pass your eyes;
Satisfied you finally took your nap

Window Craze [Rewrite]

I sit, staring out window.
Watching who is passing by.
Nothing escapes my watchful eye.
So, alert,
So tense,
I finally see something of fancy;
Placing two front paws on window sill.
I poke my snout so close to window;
I leave my breath mark.
Out a bark comes, then another;
Then a whine I begin to vent;
Venting my frustration that is inside me.
Wishing to be outside instead.
A push off window,
Off I go, running around house.
Back to window To see if it is there.
Yes it is and here I go;
Repeat of my venting
As I run around some more.
I am a crazy window watcher,
Who loves to see what is going on.

This is rewrite from the poem written on January 7, 2013

April 30th Prompt: Take an old poem of yours, even one from the past 29 days, and rewrite it by using a different form, point of view, a more arcane vocabulary, or a simpler vocabulary.