Angry Waves

Crash, crash against the shore
Angry waves uncurl their mighty force
Loud they beat the innocent sand.
Waves retreat with sandy dust
Only to fling it back with disgust.
Waves pound away their frustration,
In due time they will subside;
Until another storm rolls by
Then waves again beat the innocent sand.


Upon the jagged rocks,
Surf roars upon;
With gusto and strength
Crashing against rocks
seeping sea water through
Crevices filling to the brim
Gushing over with sea water;
White foam laced upon the surf moves as one.
The surf rages over and over again
With a storm brewing against the distance sky.

April 2 prompt. This an ekphrastic poem and the work of art that inspired to write is the “Surf” painted by Elliot Torrey

Water Haikus

Cold water splashes
Among jagged rocks below
With violent force

Upon the sea crest
Ocean rolls through silently
into the dark night

River winding through
Leads to many unknown paths
Rich with potential

The Waves burst on through
Gaining onward to the shore
With cold giant force

Rain washes on down
Running through the crevices
Towards wide oceans

Even More 5 Haikus

Winter is still seen
Through snow-covered green pine trees
Glistening in the sun.

Glistening snowflake
Sparkles like a diamond ring
In the buried dirt.

Enfolded within
Lies the beating, thumping of my heart
Filled with your love.

Bare the tree awaits
The time when blossoms spring forth
From many branches.

White drift snow on ground
Looks like sand moving upon
Wind stirring desert.

Hear The Waves

Hear the waves slosh against the boat.
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against the boat.
Up and down the boat breaks through the waves.
Hear the boat breaking through the white cap surf.
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against the boat.
Travel upon the waves through the wide open sea
We travel in our boat hearing the sound of waves
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against our boat.
Up and down our boat travels across the water clear.
Hear the sound of the waves as the boat travels along
Slosh, galosh, slosh, galosh against our family boat.

Echoes Across the Sea

Cold damp wind echoes across the sea.
Hear it howling, it will not let us be.
Dark gathering clouds roll along
Ready to empty their buckets with a rainy song.
Winds begin to ravage the sea
Watch the waves they are big as can be.
Crash along the rocky slope
Waves spray upon every nook.
Thunder rumbles through the night
Lighting brightens like a lamp’s light.
Menacing storm coming from the sea
Wave creep up bigger
Stretching their foamy hand from sea to land.
Time to leave the coast
For nature has to finish its course.