Humid Short Walk

Summer heat rises
Pavement hot to touch
Paws walk the path
Pads thick help in walk
Must keep walk short
For humid outside
Will enjoy inside
Where AC keeps me cool


April Shower Walk

April showers
Bring pretty flowers
Will hang out of towers
Must wait hours
For end of rain
Wish I could slain
Because I have to walk
With dog who balk
I must gently talk
As I look at clock
Coax her with sweet talk
Ti go outside for walk.

Notice Small Changes In Weather

Blackness creeps in slowly, for days get shorter
Wind picks up a rustle as cold comes creeping too
Seasons began to change day by day in August
Until September brings it full throttle for Fall to began
Then see leaves start sporting their colors
Feel humid air disappear only to be replace by brisk cold air
Barely we notice the changes until they come upon us
But, I notice as dog and I take our walks