Dog On Cooling Pad

I lay on cooling pad
For its the new dog fad
I think it’s rather rad
Especially when it’s hot
When owner says not
Going outside in this heat
This pad is really neat
Keeps fur cool is hard to beat
I think I’ll sleep here
Until heat dimishes out there


Hot Summer July Birthday Party

It was hot as a firecracker
Sun sweltering down around
For a birthday party in July.
Under shaded umbrella
All gathered; singing Happy Birthday
To family who each
Had a birthday in July
In span of few days of each other.
July it seems always
To be the hottest time
To do a birthday outside
Among the whole family coming together.

April 10th prompt from this site

Snowy Weekend In January

One weekend the snow piled on high in January.
Snowflakes were falling at dizzying speeds
Collecting themselves in tight pack family on the ground.
Until Sunday sun shone shining it all stopped.
I stepped outside bundle head to toe
Only to miss a step trudging through snow almost knee deep
To get to where my car was parked
But not sure where since it was covered with mounds of snow
I find my car by a little color showing
Grab the brush and inch by inch
Brush snow away to reveal my hidden ride
Then dig around my buried treasure
So, tires can find some traction
To leave its snowed in parking spot
So, snow removal could clear the lot

April 9th Prompt: Write about one of the snow days or extremely cold days this past January.