Notice Small Changes In Weather

Blackness creeps in slowly, for days get shorter
Wind picks up a rustle as cold comes creeping too
Seasons began to change day by day in August
Until September brings it full throttle for Fall to began
Then see leaves start sporting their colors
Feel humid air disappear only to be replace by brisk cold air
Barely we notice the changes until they come upon us
But, I notice as dog and I take our walks


Mr Winter

Mr Winter has come to call
He comes right after Fall
Bringing cold and snow
All season he puts on a show
Of snow and ice
And everything nice
Watch the snowflakes fall,
See blizzards make their call
What will he bring this year?
I’m afaid it’s too much my dear
As now it’s freezing below
And waters can’t flow
Can’t wait till season is done
So I can go out and have some fun

Cold Days Comes

Cold days comes to our front doors
Cold stale air saps our energy
To where we feel like doing nothing
We just want to hide undercovers
Pile on more blankets
Try to keep warm from the cold outside
But, the cold doesn’t want to be kept at bay
It will find a way to creep in
There is no escape from cold days
Where one would stay in
Not go anywhere for the day