First Time Seeing Snow Haikus

Outside it’s snowing
I am confuse by white stuff
Where is the green grass?

I sniff the white snow
Where do I do my business?
Smells hidden from me

I just walk through snow
Only smells come from tree bark
I am not amused

First time I saw snow
It’s very cold on my paws
I want green grass back


She brings the end of change in the air
She has seen her sisters enjoy the warmth
She is the tempest bringing days
Full of wind, cold, rain and snow
You never know what she will throw
Sometimes she will show more fall colors
But on other days muted dark will be her passion
She is the one who brokers with her brother
Whether cold and snow arrives earlier
She is the one at the end of it
Who can’t wait to take a needed vacation
To rest from what her tempest hand brings

Winter On Vacation

Winter went on vacation
Left duties to other seasons
They tried to mimic winter
Each week they seem to fail
One week it rained like Spring
Another week felt humid and hot
Yet another felt cool as Fall
With leaves still falling off trees
Only three times they got it right
Snow fell and it was cold
But snow melted next couple days
They called Winter to say come back
He replied I’ll be back in two week time
Three seasons continue to struggle
While Winter finished his vacation up

Winter And Spring Letter

I write to say my season is not done yet.
Another two weeks of snow and ice it will be.
Days will be cold; ground will still be frozen.
I am sorry for late word.

This torture to prolong my season,
I want to see my flowers bloom.
I want warm air to blow through
Instead of freezing cold.
Why, must you add two weeks of more winter.

It is this year to add more winter.
It won’t be negative degrees
Like three weeks ago.
I’ll keep it tame; don’t you worry.
Your season will come soon enough.

Thank you for my concern.
This will give me time to prepare.
I will call the clouds and the rains
And whisper to the winds
To start two weeks after this cold.
Spring will come then
With budding daffodils and flowering trees.
Any more changes let me know
For the people are tired of winter now.