Enjoying Fresh Breezes

Windows down fresh breezes come through
Hear wind rustle as we drive on highway
I glance to backseat for a moment
Her snout raises in air
Look of awe with eyes close
She soaks up sents in air
She pauses, looks at me with doggy smile
As if to say thank you for putting windows down
Now would you mind driving longer
For I am enjoying the breezes right now


Wispy Wind Of Winter [Revision]

Wispy wind of a winter song,
Sounds through the ages long.
Its nippy rhythm it brings,
For all the snow it flings.
Sound is stark and dreary,
Which can make days very weary.
To hear the howling wind sing,
Is like hearing a very dull ring.
For its music is cold and icy
Even if the snow sings lightly.
Hope the songs ends soon,
for I am tired of its tune.

Random 5 Haikus

Bleak cold winter stirs
From its restless deep slumber
For another storm

Wind howls aloud song
Like a pack of mourning wolves
In dead of winter

Grey cloud belly rips
Open to empty snowflakes
Upon wintry ground

Barren cold hard ground
invites the falling snowflakes
In waiting bosom

Days become longer
For winter will come to end
Seeing melting snow

One Leaf

One leaf hangs above a tree alone
Winter snows blankets below
Cold winds blow through leaf
Pushing one way then another;
Back and forth it rustles
Singing the last leaf song
Another push the wind blows
Its invisible hand to pluck
The single leaf alone on tree.
Gently leaf looses its grip
To branch where it hung and waited.
Falls down slowly;
To the left;
To the right;
Than gently land upon snow blanket
Leaf the last of Fall–
And beginning of Winter.