Dearest Winter

Winter, I loath to see you continue bringing forth your snow.
I am tired of the cold and endless bleak days.
You have made life dark and sluggish.
I can’t seem to work through your season.
Your snowflakes are beautiful, but to drive when it’s blizzard;
Causes me not to want to step outdoors.
Snowy landscape of course is nice but only for a few days I will admire.
Could you try not to make it so cold (as in negative ten degrees)?
I am fine with fifteen degrees but less it can not be;
For who wants to be out in that kind weather
But, I must because I have dog.
Could you think on it for next year please?
I am glad you did make Christmas Eve have some snow.
For it has always been special when it happens.
I am done with your cold, freezing and bleak days.
Can please allow Spring to come forth now?


Trudge Along In Snow

Snow sprays my face
I trudge forward slowly
Snow is too deep
I try to keep pace
Dog is bounding quickly
Until she stops to sniff
Grabs a bite of snow
She plunges forward like nothing
As I lumber along
Trying to catch up to her
On a snowy, cold day.

Winter Morning Walk

Morning snow lays heavy on branches
A winter wonderland I wake up to
Snow is deep when we step out
Dog bounds ahead excited
Blue booties kicking up snow
As she goes racing
I try to keep up
Thanks goodness for retractable leash
I watch her play in snow
Reaching up close to her belly
Looks like if it snows anymore
She will get lost in mountain of snow
On this winter morning


The night is cold
Mother nature opens her hand
She sprinkles white dusting of frost
Over cold hard ground.

Frost like powder
Blankets a thin layer on ground
As cotton candy, frost sticks
refusing to melt for it is a cold coming winter.

Morning, I see frost outside
Knowing winter has come around the corner
Frost has invited winter to come
Lay a heavy blanket of snow soon.