2 Haikus On Poems

Poems open mind
To be creative and bring
Them all into life

Weaving words into
Poems using different
Forms to express self


Words Hang Together Silently

Words hang together silently

Tuck into a trunk

Not wanting to come out

Deep in my trunk of thoughts

They huddle in jumble heap

As I try to pick apart the ones

I want to use to write a story with.

Poetry Comes In Different Ways

Poetry comes from a little spark
Words slowly light to full flame
Growing larger until a poem takes shape.
The flame will settle down
Words burn within at last
To last for all to read.

Poetry is also kneaded through it folds
Taking shape to different forms
To create a creation worth eating.
Each bite worth the words to hear
Rhyming and metaphors abound within
The nooks and crannies pack with lines abound.

Within my soul my poetry comes
Slowly one word; a phrase
Stirs me to write a poem.
I sometimes see a poem take shape
Lines forming weaving across my mind
That is when I write my poetry down.

April 28th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

No Man With Art Today

Timing perfect for tan train
It was trimming minutes off schedule
It rolled in whistle rang loudly
Lumbering gait of passenger cars
In trim mint condition from money grant
Grind wheels to halt at main gate
I ran with a grin hoping to see
The man with his giant art collection
Set up his rig of art on large mat
To browse, to buy
But he, Martin did not appear
For in the air was smell of rain

April 20th Prompt: Write a poem using as many words within the word “immigrant” as you can find, such as in, grant, rant, grin, imam, I’m, aim, trim, migrant, train and tram.

This Is Not a Proofreading Poem

Eye wright these lines today
As some poet comprising a poem
Which will loose it’s flare
Duel porpoise eye will make
This poem is a laugh
For those whose listening
Too this crazy exorcise
One must right today

Note: This poem will make sense if you say it out allowed (I mean aloud).

April 14th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Follow Short Dog Language

Original Poem taken from day 2:
Dogs say what they want
In few syllables as possible
Short; to the point;
Concise with their meaning
No wagging around the brush
With what they want to say
They know how to
Get their point through
Unlike us who can talk
And talk, and talk, and talk
Through many long hours
Words flow out to no end
Their language is plain and simple
Why can’t we too follow their example

Reverse the Poem to this:
example their follow too we can’t simple
Why and plain is language end
Their no to out flow hours
Words long many talk
Through and talk, and talk, talk
And can who us through
Unlike point their
Get to how know say
They to want they what brush
With the around wagging meaning
No their with point;
Concise the to possible
Short; as syllables few want
In they what say Dogs

Here is revised version:
Example we should follow too
So simple on why
Plain is their language
Theirs is no flow of long words
As people;
We talk and talk
To get our point across
Dogs get through what to say
They don’t brush around
With their wagging tongues
No, theirs is straight to the point;
Concise as possible
Short; syllables are few
In what dogs say

April 11th Prompt: Reverse one of your poems by writing the poem backward, last word first, ending with the first word. Then revise. This search engine will do it for you (and provide other prompts).

A Dog Love Sonnet

Note from dog: This is my attempt at my first sonnet. This was difficult for me, dog, who had to ask owner how a sonnet worked.

What gives my furry heart to start to beat
My four paws patter to your open arms
With happy grin my mouth hangs opens to greet
For now you are home; I put on my charms

Shall I cuddle close or push you away
You give me bounding love; I return same
Walks abound every day; there’s also play
Alas, wasn’t this way before you came

For I was found wandering streets alone
On cold December day you came for me
Brought me to your place; I now call my own
Have you now wrapped around my paw you see

Thou art my best friend till my final end
Saying my good-bye will be hard to send