Poet To Poet Letter

I ponder your words filled
with rhyme and metaphors.
They slant back and forth
weaving lines melodious
to my ears as I write this
letter to you dear poet.

Your poems, fellow poet fill
me with power and emotions as thoughts
of you expressing come
thundering from the page
as I write to reply to you my friend.

I see the images in your poems.
They dance in my mind eye
growing vivid with each word
I read upon the page.

I thank you for your words.
To kind you have given me. Your poems
I will keep close; until we can
meet up again to converse.

My Affirmation Poem

Be creative in your hobbies
Open your imagination to anything
Write what love to write
Through stories, poems
And let the words just flow
You can always fix them later
Do anything you put your mind too
Don’t worry about what others think
Keep learning you will find the path
Something new is always around the corner
Just at the chance to take it now

April 6th Prompt: Write an affirmation poem as a list of statements you can affirm today, for yourself, to be true, supportive, and encouraging. For a model, look up Donald Hall’s poem “Affirmation.”

My Furry Muse I Am Sorry

My furry muse I am sorry I haven’t written often
My mind was in a state of nothingness
For I couldn’t find the words to write
In poetry or prose or a simple story
My days were also filled with work
Where I cannot write anything there
I also adopted a new pet, my muse
She fills my days in want and attention
She will never replace you, my furry muse
Now the fog has lifted; I can write again
My days have calm; I can write again

April 2nd Prompt: Write a poem that is an apology to your muse, explaining why you aren’t there writing oftener, better, more clearly, passionately, universally, and/or eternally.

Poetry Comes In Different Ways

Poetry comes from a little spark
Words slowly light to full flame
Growing larger until a poem takes shape.
The flame will settle down
Words burn within at last
To last for all to read.

Poetry is also kneaded through it folds
Taking shape to different forms
To create a creation worth eating.
Each bite worth the words to hear
Rhyming and metaphors abound within
The nooks and crannies pack with lines abound.

Within my soul my poetry comes
Slowly one word; a phrase
Stirs me to write a poem.
I sometimes see a poem take shape
Lines forming weaving across my mind
That is when I write my poetry down.

April 28th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/