A Dog’s Poem

I, dog here

Write words

Which are a

Short, simple poem

And this is my poetry:

Woof, woof woof bark

Woof bark bark bark, awoooo

Bark, bark woof woof grrr

Grrr woof bark bark woof awoooo.

As you can see human

I can write and speak poetry too.


A Few Lines

Short thoughts find their way
To my inner seeking of a poem
To form a few lines for today
So, maybe my inner thoughts will open
To longer poems I can say
Because I want to make some more headway
Writing continuously for another poem.

Dogs Can’t Write Poetry

Dogs can’t write poetry
For they have paws
With no way to grasp a pen.

When they speak words come out
As barks and woofs.

Dogs can’t write poetry
For they sleep so much
Throughout the day.

They are too busy with sleep, eating and play;
To stop and think of what to say.

Owners can write their dog’s poetry
For dogs can tell by their actions and habits.

Throu my dog can’t write poetry
She can do it through her action
And many quirky habits she possess.

Write A Poem

Sit down to write a poem;
A poem that is long or short.
Where to start I don’t know
But it will be finished before I know.

Many styles to write a poem
From rhyming to sonnets with verse
The poem will come together
Doesn’t matter what styles come first.

The poem is done
There was a bit of this and that
It came together as one
And will finish as a complete poem.