Poet To Poet Letter

I ponder your words filled
with rhyme and metaphors.
They slant back and forth
weaving lines melodious
to my ears as I write this
letter to you dear poet.

Your poems, fellow poet fill
me with power and emotions as thoughts
of you expressing come
thundering from the page
as I write to reply to you my friend.

I see the images in your poems.
They dance in my mind eye
growing vivid with each word
I read upon the page.

I thank you for your words.
To kind you have given me. Your poems
I will keep close; until we can
meet up again to converse.

April Poetry Month 2020 Comes To An End

Hope everyone enjoyed April Poetry Month! I know I did! I can’t wait for next year to come. If you looking for prompts to help out your poetry why not purchase a copy of one of my 30 Poems In 30 Days: April Poetry Challenge books. I have kindle or paperback. Currently you can them through Amazon.

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A Rhopalic Poem

Write, reading
My very favorite
I enjoy
When downtime

April 24th Prompt: Write a rhopalic poem of one or more stanzas, each stanza having as many (or few) lines as you wish, with as many words in a line as you wish (usually 3 or 4 words). Each line must start with a one-syllable word, then have a two-syllable word, then a three-syllable…. If you begin a new stanza, you begin again with one word.

The Penable Award!

I have been nominated for the Penable Award by Phoenix! Phoenix was the one who made this award, But it was Craft Lover who told Phoenix to nominate me so…


Craft Lover

This award is given to really special people with brilliant writing skills. It’s given to authors, poets, story writers, inspiring people or just a great blog.

If you receive this award 5 times, you will become an author of some of the posts on Penable!!!!

Rules (if you receive this award)

  1. Tag your post with the #penableaward
  2. Display the Penable award logo (above) on your post and follow Penable if you haven’t already
  3. Thank the person that nominated you
  4. Tell us what your writing talent is
  5. Answer three questions that you have been asked
  6. Nominate three inspiring people for this award.
  7. Let them know of their nomination
  8. Give them three new questions to answer!

My writing talent:

I am really good at writing about dog poetry

My three questions answered:

  1. What is your favorite animal? Dog & Wolves
  2. What is your favorite month? July
  3. What is your favorite fruit? Mango

My nominations:

  1. Lauren
  2. mtaggartwriter
  3. Adventures on the creative side

My questions:

  1. What is your favorite color?
  2. What is your favorite movie?
  3. What is your favorite school subject?

She Inspires

She lays upon her bed
She gives me looks
That can write a poem
She inspires writing
From just being dog
Just from watching her
Poems pour out of me
From activities we do
To how she behaves
To everything in between
She my new muse
She is the inspiration
To keep writing poetry

April 14th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Clive Cussler: Writer & Explorer

Pen is put away for good.
Thriller novels will be no more.
The explorer gone to other side
To seek what maybe uncovered there.
No more exciting stories to read
No more will I get immerse
For there will not be new books out.

I will enjoy the books he has written.
I will still continue to look
For one I haven’t read;
For I loved his novels.
Full of adventure and excitement.
Fill with some history which I enjoyed.
I loved that he was an explorer.
Found many shipwrecks in his time
Including H. L. Hunley which was a hard find.

He was am author and explorer
Who also happened love classic cars.
We maybe loosing a thrilling author
Who has written over eighty books.
We will miss that he won’t
Be on an more exciting exploring adventures.
But we can read what he wrote;
Be immerse in the book.
Imagine being part of his story;
As we get lost reading one of his novels.

April 11th Prompt: Write an elegy about a person who has died this year, your own acquaintance or someone famous. If you have already written that elegy, write a poem about writing that elegy.

My Affirmation Poem

Be creative in your hobbies
Open your imagination to anything
Write what love to write
Through stories, poems
And let the words just flow
You can always fix them later
Do anything you put your mind too
Don’t worry about what others think
Keep learning you will find the path
Something new is always around the corner
Just at the chance to take it now

April 6th Prompt: Write an affirmation poem as a list of statements you can affirm today, for yourself, to be true, supportive, and encouraging. For a model, look up Donald Hall’s poem “Affirmation.”

Let Me First Say My Dear Readers

Let me first say my dear readers
I am trying to diverse my writings.
I am trying to dive more into
New poetic forms I haven’t heard.
I am trying give you variety
Besides usual dog, nature and weather poems.
I have given you short to long poems
Buy I will try to expand my poetry insight.
I will try also to write non-poetry too
Hopefully dear readers I will give you something new.

April 3rd Prompt: Write a poem that is an apology to your reader beginning with, “Let me first say….”

My Furry Muse I Am Sorry

My furry muse I am sorry I haven’t written often
My mind was in a state of nothingness
For I couldn’t find the words to write
In poetry or prose or a simple story
My days were also filled with work
Where I cannot write anything there
I also adopted a new pet, my muse
She fills my days in want and attention
She will never replace you, my furry muse
Now the fog has lifted; I can write again
My days have calm; I can write again

April 2nd Prompt: Write a poem that is an apology to your muse, explaining why you aren’t there writing oftener, better, more clearly, passionately, universally, and/or eternally.

Dog Will Not Let Me Write

Dog will not let me write
She comes over with ball
Must wait for her to sleep at night

Dog sees me in my sight
came over from the hall
Dog will not let me write

I play with her for her delight
In my mind my poem I scrawl
Must wait for her to sleep at night

Continue to play until the end of light
Full of energy she is small
Dog will not let me write

All I have to do is sit tight
She begins to get tired; drops ball
Must wait for her to sleep at night

I will have to write by flashlight
For it is now night fall
Dog will not let me write
Must wait for her to sleep at night