March Prompt

Here we go! The first of each month will be a poem for you guys to try. Then I will pick one the first week of next month and post it for everyone to read.

Since St. Patrick Day is coming up. Write a poem associated with this holiday. Examples: write about leprechauns, clovers, pot of gold, land of Ireland or about the holiday itself. Poem can be in an form style you want and can be short or long. Here is an example of one of my old poems associated with the holiday.

Irish Clover
Posted on March 16, 2012 by N. K. Hasen

What luck I see in the meadow yonder?
A meadow of glorious green,
Waving their four leaf fingers,
In the coming of the season.
Clovers abound through the field,
Dancing to an Irish jig.
Back and forth they sway,
In their green Irish way.
I walk among them with delight,
As I stoop to pick a leaf.
I held it in my hand,
And finally make my wish to send.

To submit you can either link the poem you have from your blog in the comments or if the poem is not to long you can type it in the comment section. I look forward to the submissions!!


Blog Anniversary

Today is the 6th year since this poetry blog got started! Since then I have self-published a total of nine poetry books. More will be on the way. I was thinking about putting together a fun collection of dog poems based in double elevenie form. I have already started them if you have been reading them. Another idea for poetry book I was thinking was letter poems. Letter poems are like letters but done in more of a poetic way. Two examples are the Moon And Sun Letter and Love Letter To My Dog. I am in current work of a possible how to write poetry book with prompts and sample of my poems. I am also considering on adding another category section for giving you guys a chance to write a poem based on a prompt I post once a month. Then pick one of poems and feature it on my blog. If you think it is a good idea let me know. You can either comment here or to the suggestion and ideas page. I look forward to posting more poetry to everyone who is following my blog and future followers!

N. K. Hasen

Letter To Poet

Dear poet, why do you write lines in rhyme?
Use your eloquence in prose.
Write in imagery with metaphoric taste;
Which brings a poem to life;
As one reads between the lines
Catching similes with ‘as’ and ‘likes’.
While meters and beats dance through
Until one reaches end of a poem
To ponder; is there a meaning?
Is there some hidden gem you woven between the lines?
Or leave with no understanding of what has pass?
Yet, for some you bring imagination;
Stiring a burning fire within
For them to write their own poems.

A Poet’s Soul

A poet’s soul burns for words to bubble up
Overflow onto a blank page
Unwind each line from a rolled ball of yarn
That has been tucked away for later use
A poet’s poem forms under careful care
Cradled like a baby until finish,
It takes off to new places
But comes back when called;
A poet revises it,
Makes it stronger than ever
Poet smiles again
Watching revised version takes to skies