New Dog’s Attempt At Writing

I, dog rights width mispronounced words
I rights I saw a hair running through trees
I tried two get it
Leash holed in place
Can knot move forward two give chase
Pauses whir stuck in place
I yap at hair to get attention
But, it ran aweigh from my site
I, human read what she wrote
Now I will teach her to write better poems

My Poetry Muse

My poetry muse would come with bounds of energy;
Four paws trotting into living room with a happy grin on her face.
Just herself would spark a poem;
Which morphs into collection of poetry;
All center around her life as a dog.
Just watching her nose around;
Or events which touched our lives;
Images would swim up to the surface
For she was my first poetry dog muse.
Hopefully another dog muse will open doors to more dog poems to write.

Collection Dog Poetry Vol III Book Coming Soon

No poem for today. Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on Collection of Dog Poetry: Poems About Dogs Vol III book. Not sure when it will come out but I am hoping sometime between August and October. This volume will have poems from what a dog would poem about to a two special topics which you will have to wait to find out. Of course it will also have outside with the dog and even more dog random poems. The cover is still in the works and once I get closer or it is published I will show it here. Chelsey, who passed away last year, helped me in writing a lot of the poems out of this collection and the other two published books. It would not have been possible without her and I am glad she helped me in developing a passion for writing poems and books.

Thank you Chelsey, my poetry muse!!

N. K. Hasen

Dog Righting A Poem Which Needs Proofreading

I love the prompt we did day 14th of April. I decided to right (write) another one!

Dog will bear with her righting
For she will want me two proofread
As her paws type away at righting
Her grammar may bee off
Butt I will help her fix
The words she might knot get write
Ewe might say why is she righting poetry
Butt she had always love two right
We bounce ideas off each other
Her was actions she wood do
So now I will finish proofreading her poem

Poetry Comes In Different Ways

Poetry comes from a little spark
Words slowly light to full flame
Growing larger until a poem takes shape.
The flame will settle down
Words burn within at last
To last for all to read.

Poetry is also kneaded through it folds
Taking shape to different forms
To create a creation worth eating.
Each bite worth the words to hear
Rhyming and metaphors abound within
The nooks and crannies pack with lines abound.

Within my soul my poetry comes
Slowly one word; a phrase
Stirs me to write a poem.
I sometimes see a poem take shape
Lines forming weaving across my mind
That is when I write my poetry down.

April 28th prompt from this site

Dog Take on Writing A Dizain

Can a dog write a Dizain you may ask?
Trying to count ten syllables is hard.
Why did owner give such demanding task?
I would rather be sniffing around yard.
Don’t they know I’m not some poetry bard?
I can’t even read to find words to rhyme.
Probably finish right before bedtime.
I will think of way for owner payback.
Less lines left I will finish this on time.
I am done and will eat my biscuit snack.

April 24th Prompt: The Dizain is for those who can rhyme. Try this simplified version of the 10-line poem with 10 syllables per line, rhyming ababbccdcd. (Or use Keats’ rhyme scheme in “Ode on a Grecian Urn.”)