Oh, Stegosaurus how miss you
My favorite toy when I was but a youth
I miss your large stubby legs
The spiky tail with its deadly spikes
Your plates you had on your back
Help you with sun and protection from your enemies
I miss the grin plastered on your face
As I fed you imaginary green ferns to chew slowly on
Oh, Stegosaurus how I miss holding you in my hand
How I had minding yourself
Until I brought T-Rex out to give you a fight
You always won as your tail was used as a battle axe
I miss the times we were together
Looking up facts about you in books
Now you lie in a box with other dinosaurs
Waiting for your time to re-emerge once again anf play


Larger Than Life

Lumbering, scaly, long-neck dinosaur tramples through the ferns.
Bigger then life he was just cotent with eating greens.
Until a catastrophic event took him too quick.

‚ÄčApril 23, 2015 Poem: Write a three-line poem about something that is very large, such as a skyscraper, a whale, or a linebacker.