Winter Snow Barges

The winter snows barges across the land
Flinging snow like archers shooting their arrows
At the enemy across the tight formation;
The sharp points as like words cutting deep wounds
As friends throw barbs to each other
When they get mad, arguing what is nothing more
Then one tiny incident blown way out of portion,
The snow hurls it’s insults down to the ground
Burying all like the waters engulfing from
The broken dam that broke; when too much rain water
Raised the lake to capacity; the cars now under
Frozen mounds over eight inches high of snow,
Trapped like ancient shells in a block of ice.

April 26th prompt from this site


6 responses to “Winter Snow Barges

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  2. Congratulations on being featured.

    Your poem captures cracks in friendships very successfully. “Trapped like ancient shells in a block of ice.” points to the loss of warmth in relationships after long cold spells — to me. Brilliant.

    Visiting from:

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