Changing Ground

Green ground high with its waving grass
Blowing lightly, delicately left and right
Unti grass gets short haircut
Waving stops until blades grow again
Then harsh winds; cold temps fill the days
Ground becomes brown as green grass withers and dies
Leaving dreary, desolate, barren lanscape
As seasons changes for the worst
Leaves ground unhappy and depressed
Waiting for sun to show its smiling face again


Needed Drink

She dips her hand down between the clouds
Unzips the belly of the cloud
Letting droplets of clear water
Fall down upon the dry, brown ground.

The ground gives thanks;
Praising to the one above
Drinking; quenching the water
That it so thirst for;
After a hard Winter season.

She smiles down to the ground.
Glad that the needed water
Will finally renew the once dry ground
And give fresh new life to break through at last.